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Maximum security and high income

Life Insurance Company Nomad Life offers a product that allows save up for the purchase of housing, education for children or future passive income in hard currency. Investment areas (stock indices) offered when purchasing the ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest policy have high historical returns. Profitability is ensured by investing in securities of the world most successful corporations. Gulzhan Batyrqyzy, the regional office director of JSC LIC Nomad Life in Aktau, will talks about the reliable income and benefits that life insurance provides.
Maximum security and high income

- Gulzhan Batyrovna, could you tell us about the investment insurance program ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest?

- ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest is a long-term investment life insurance program. Such policies are called unit-linked overseas. They became widespread in Europe: UL brings a third of all insurance premiums in Germany, and about half - in England. The main difference between investment insurance and classic life insurance is the ability of our clients to independently choose an investment strategy while taking on some of the risks from investing.

If you want to be present on the American or Chinese stock market, instead of opening an account, you conclude a ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest agreement and invest your money through it. Insurance only plays a role of a cover for investment, and we invest money in the areas indicated by you. Global managers are the world's largest investment companies with high ratings, each of which manages more than 3 trillion US dollars.

The financial instruments included in the investment portfolios of ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest have a high historical profitability, which makes it possible to earn many times more than if you have been saving on a bank deposit. In this case, all investment risks are borne by the client. In the event of the client’s death, the beneficiaries appointed by him in advance receive the insurance payment in full plus the return on investment.

- What if a person is busy with his own business or main job and does not have enough time to invest on his own?

- Nomad Life does not offer a self-investing. We developed seven investment strategies for our clients: “500 largest US companies”, “100 largest US IPOs”, “China stock market”, “High technologies”, “Healthcare”, “Energy”, and “Gold mining”. When forming investment portfolios, we focused primarily on the historical results of stock index returns (our analysts tracked the history of securities over the past 3-15 years), and also chose financial instruments from the largest foreign management companies.

I would like to note that each contribution of our client (insurance premium) is divided into two parts: one part is used for endowment life insurance, the second – for investment, which is placed in accordance with the client's choice in high-yield instruments of the stock market.

- Compared with a conventional endowment life insurance product, the terms of ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest agreements are more comprehensible. Is this a correct statement?

- It is, because you know where your funds are invested, and through your personal account on our website, you can track profit growth at any time of the day and anywhere in the world and, if you wish, change your strategy. For example, move from the “500 largest US companies” to “High technology” or “Healthcare”.

- Are there any other advantages of this product?

First, ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest is a standard insurance coverage. From the very first day of investment, the client's life is insured for the amount chosen by him. Second, the return received “inside” the policy is not taxed, since the investment is “packed” in the insurance policy.

Third, a life insurance policy is not property, therefore it cannot be withdrawn in case of third parties’ claims (for example, the creditor cannot count on these funds), and it cannot be divided in case of divorce.

Fourth, (as I have mentioned above) we provide a large selection of investment areas.

- What is the minimum amount required to buy ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest?

- The policy amount starts from $2,000. The investment amount should meet your long-term goals. Our product is designed for people who have no time to track the latest trends in the stock market and who want to have an income higher than the bank deposit.

- How protected is people's money? Our banks are increasingly becoming bankrupt lately.

- Reliability is the main difference between life insurance companies and banks. Why do the latter get liquidated? Banks give out loans, which are not returned later, and insurers invest in super-reliable securities with high investment ratings. Besides, according to legal requirements, the assets of ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest clients are kept and counted separately from the insurance company’s assets guaranteeing a complete fund safety for people. All operations of ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest policy holders are also monitored by a custodian bank, which has the right to block a shady transaction. Sberbank is a custodian bank.

- What do you need to buy a policy?

- You need to fill out an application on our website or call the number: +7 (701) 431 43 31.

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