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Summer: protect your children!

According to the Union of Insurance Companies of Estonia, 201 children were injured as a result of insurance events in the country last year. Liability insurance representatives compensated the injured children for a total of 735,400 euros. Basically, it was the treatment cost, reports
Summer: protect your children!

"We would like to draw the drivers’ attention to the fact that with the school holiday beginning the number of children on the streets is growing. Liability insurance, of course, covers the damage to the victim, but with more careful participation in the traffic, an accident can be prevented", said the Traffic Insurance Fund Chairman, Mart Jesse.

Besides the liability insurance, children are protected by accident, life, travel, home and liability insurance.

An unintentional damage caused to someone’s property happens all the time. If, for example, a child, riding a bicycle, touches and scratches a neighbor's car, his parents must pay the damages. Therefore, it makes sense to conclude a liability insurance contract that will cover the damage caused by the child.

"If a child on the easy traffic lane or road collides with a pedestrian or damages a parked car, the damage must be repaid by the culprit or his legal representative. In case of individual liability insurance, this damage is reimbursed by the insurance company", explained Kadri Puna, Head of the personal insurance group of If Kindlustus.

If a child suffers in an accident, the accident insurance will help. If a child injures himself or gets ill while abroad, travel insurance will be helpful.

According to Dagmar Guilden, Head of the SeesamKindlustus accident insurance product, almost half of all child injuries are caused by falls. "Schoolchildren are injured in school, in sport practices and on playgrounds, often in games with the ball. Younger children get often hurt at home. Besides falls, burns from hot liquids are also noted, Guilden said.

If the child is brought to the hospital, for example, as a result of a fracture, migration or concussion, the cost of treatment is reimbursed by the Health Insurance Fund. The insurance covers the necessary medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, and also compensation for pain in case of injury. If, as a result of an accident there is a permanent damage to health, compensation for a permanent disability is paid.

According to Guilden, child injuries usually pass within a few weeks, but the family's income is reduced because the parent has to miss work. "Therefore, parents can choose per diem insurance, and compensation is paid during the period when the child is recovering from an injury, and the parent must be on the sick leave to take care of the child", Guilden said.

A life insurance policy concluded by the parents is to protect their child. This helps the family to cope with problems, if the parent gets seriously ill, a serious misfortune will occur, he will receive a permanent disability, or lose his ability to work or die. Besides, you can save money for future child insurance, also adding insurance against death of the parent to the contract.

The house is an important place for a healthy family, and its insurance is worth considering. For example, when calculating the amount of insurance on household contents, you should remember about insuring such objects as a tablet, a game console, etc. A bicycle or a phone can be insured as a part of insurance of contents or separately.


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