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10 ways to extend life from the St. Petersburg’s billionaire

The author of the factual book “Focus on Life” offers a scientific approach to prolonging youth and maintaining health. Andrey Fomenko is a well-known businessman, whose name can be found in Billionaire Index. He was the 16th with a fortune of 53.1 billion rubles in 2021. He owns the Empire holding, one of the largest companies in the St. Petersburg commercial real estate development market.
10 ways to extend life from the St. Petersburg’s billionaire

The entrepreneur created the Eternal Youth Foundation in 1996, the main goal of which was to develop and implement methods for prolonging an active life.

The Andrei Fomenko’s book contains a lot of information about what is useful to a person who wants to cross the line of the 70th anniversary and move forward cheerfully. Some of them are obvious: sports, proper nutrition, and avoiding alcohol.


Calm repose away from home has a beneficial effect on heart work, slows down the pulse, and reduces stress levels. A temporary relocation to a country with different culture and language improves mental and creative abilities, makes a person more open and emotionally stable at the same time.

Day sleep

The habit of napping during daylight hours can reduce the risk of heart disease, but such rest should not be devoted to more than an hour.

Deep breathe

Special exercises can improve mood and reduce the level of psychological stress, which increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, and depression.

More communication

Research proves that good social connections reduce the risk of premature death, while loneliness and isolation increase it. Lack of communication can be associated with heart disease, decreased immunity, or deterioration of brain function.

Getting higher education

This is a more social than medical life hack. A diploma helps find a more attractive and well-paid job, which ultimately has a positive effect on health and life expectancy.

Enjoying nature

Contemplation of beautiful landscapes contributes to calm and relaxation. It seems that a person is also influenced by natural fractals, objects, in which the whole has the shape of its part: flowers, tree crowns, coastlines, mountain ranges, and clouds.

Choosing a profession for long-livers

Some types of art and intellectual work, as it turns out, bring physical benefits. There is, for example, a study showing that chess grandmasters have a life expectancy that is 7.7 years longer than average.

Don't be a workaholic, but don't retire early either

Stress from hard work and lack of vacation are bad for physical and mental health. However, if you are doing what you love and feel good, you should not retire. This can cause a loss of purpose in life and, as a result, a sharp deterioration in mental abilities, in particular, episodic memory.

Listening to binaural beats

This term refers to the illusion that occurs when the left and right ears hear sounds of different frequencies. Brain in this case creates a third signal that reduces the level of anxiety. This works even in situations where it is natural to worry, such as before a surgery or in the emergency room.

Getting married

According to some reports, the official formalization of marriage matters. Such couples have a significantly lower risk of developing senile dementia compared not only with single, divorced or widowed people but also with those who are together “without a stamp in the passport”.


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