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Dinosaurs, hair and the granddaughter’s future, these are what the Russians wanted to insure in 2018

Insurance of particular body parts is not unusual; people are now more concerned with future and safety of cherished things and pets, insurers told the Prime agency, recalling the most unusual customer requests in the outgoing year. In order to keep up with the wishes of policyholders, companies are introducing new products: in 2018, the main focus was on fully comprehensive insurance modernization, new technology introduction, and voluntary medicine.
Dinosaurs, hair and the granddaughter’s future, these are what the Russians wanted to insure in 2018

One of the remarkable cases occurred in Liberty Insurance Company. A client approached the company, he had been planning to go to a hot country and afraid for the condition of his hair, so he decided to insure his hair. "We also received requests to insure dogs and cats from tick bites, cows on the plane, and pigs in the car. There were customer wishes to insure the watch on the businessman's hand, the passport in the traveler’s pocket, the dinosaur exhibition, package cargo (mushrooms, beetles, pipes, plumbing), or miners (equipment for mining - ed.). The requests to insure trees regularly come on New Year's Eve,"- said the insurer press service.

And Ugoriya Company was able to accommodate the request of the client who wanted to insure her seven-year granddaughter against non-admission to the university. The woman explained that she was dissatisfied with the girl’s success in the first grade. The company offered the lady a long-term life insurance program, through which a prospective student will be able to get financial support upon the attainment of age of 18. A client who wanted to hedge against the risk of a bitcoin exchange rate drop applied to Absolute Insurance. According to the company, this reflects the willingness of Russians to invest in cryptocurrency in general.

Some clients got into non-standard situations, despite the fact that they were insured under quite standard programs. In particular, a client turned to Sberbank Life Insurance, as he had been injured separating the fighting cats on his neighbor's summer house. Another insurer had to heal wounds after a cow had stepped on his leg. Also, the company had to settle such an insurance case as “chin bruise”.


In the outgoing year, insurers had to settle losses of a very different scale, from a few score to almost a billion rubles. The smallest loss went to Liberty Insurance a payment on full comprehensive insurance in the amount of 46 rubles 39 kopecks. “Such an amount came after straight deductible 35,000 rubles established by the policy”, explains Mikhail Baryshev, head of loss settlement department. Alfa Insurance paid a little more, 49 rubles 71 kopecks for the gadget repair. Metlife Company settled the case of the risk of "hospitalization" with the payment of 100 rubles.

These and other companies had to face large payments both to legal entities and individuals. Ingosstrakh’s share in the payment for Meteor-M No. 2-1 spacecraft fall was about 906 million rubles. The company also settled over 8,000 cases of losses related to the termination of Natalie Tours, paying the total of almost 63 million rubles to clients of its legal entities.

The insurer’s burnt goods cost Absolute Insurance Company 80.5 million rubles. The concert cancellation cost Liberty Insurance 79.9 million rubles. Sberbank Insurance paid out 60 million for the burnt shopping mall. The largest payment of Soglasiye was made under the water transport insurance program and amounted to almost 50 million rubles.

The largest payments to individuals were within a few tens of millions of rubles. The maximum payout of Capital Life exceeded 30 million rubles, it was made under a life insurance program, the money was received by relatives of a deceased client. Sberbank life insurance paid almost the same amount (28.8 million) on investment life insurance due to the client’s death. Metlife paid out almost 17 million on disability risk, Yugoria paid over 11.5 million rubles after a hotel fire, and Alfastrakhovanie paid 10.5 million rubles on mortgage.

In general, as insurers reported, the largest share of claim denials fell on comprehensive insurance, civil liability insurance and credit life insurance. Private reasons for denial could often be connected, for example, with the fact that a client was diagnosed with a disease before entering into an insurance contract, or because a policy did not cover one or another injury. The buyers of voluntary medical insurance and traveling abroad get the least of claim denials. 


Some unusual requests inspired insurers to develop new products. Thus, Alpha Insurance launched liability insurance for UAV owners. "The product was created upon request of a corporate client, a company that used drones to provide audiovisual control of its facilities 24/7," said a company representative.

Based on the request of one or another business, a new product launched in partnership with Group-IB and Positive Technologies is being formed, it is called Cyber-risk insurance. As of December, another insurer, Sberbank Insurance, has also offered a service protecting from cyber risks, but online purchase safe. Bank cardholders can use this service.

Many insurance companies in 2018 offered their consumers atypical full comprehensive automobile insurance solutions, and some new technologies were also involved. For example, Renaissance Insurance has developed a per-minute comprehensive automotive insurance for car sharing and a telematics application. The program collects data on the driving style and stimulates the car owners to drive more carefully providing exercises and tips. Ingosstrakh has expanded the functionality of an existing product through mobile "self-inspection". It is noteworthy that this function has expanded beyond the scope of inspecting a car and also gone over to the apartment or house insurance.

Positive changes in liability car insurance led to the updating of fully comprehensive insurance programs. Eugeny Popkov, the Managing Director at MAKS, noted that positive statistics made it possible to realize a niche product for super-careful drivers. In other words, the company has offered accident-free drivers, who already use the discount on BMF (bonus-malus factor) in third-party liability insurance, to buy comprehensive coverage at a reduced price.


Not only motor but medical insurance programs, telemedicine and life insurance were actively developing in the outgoing year. As Oleg Merkulov, the First Deputy Director General of VTB Insurance told RIA Novosti, medical programs have become one of the most demanded. In this regard, the insurer has products for cancer and critical diseases treatment, a policy for future mothers and women planning pregnancy, as well as a medical "navigator" for CHI and VHI.

The Life Capital Company launched the accelerator of medical startups LIFE.medtech, the results of the selection will be presented next year. As the head of the company, Yugene Gurevich, told the agency, the insurer sees great prospects in the development of directions of at the intersection of medicine and insurance.

The Uralsib group has relied on telemedicine products, but the company decided not to dwell only on the doctor’s consultations, a full packaged product and legal advice appeared in its line offered to the clients in difficult situations.

Metlife decided to focus on the pension product. “After the announcement of retirement age increase, the number of requests and sales of pension programs for individuals from our agent network has tripled,” the company’s press service reported.



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