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Eskendir Hassangaliyev: Kazakhstani music shall be promoted abroad

Today's headliners of the news feeds are modern celebrities, whose luck star breaks out and, at times, fade in the sky of popularity very quickly. However, they receive a lot of attention from fans, who sometimes forget about real artists, about the true origins of Kazakhstani society, about people, who are the standard of morality and who can become an example for the younger generation.
Eskendir Hassangaliyev: Kazakhstani music shall be promoted abroad

Songs of Eskendir Hassangaliyev are known and loved by many Kazakhstanis. Those songs, created by him, do not leave anyone indifferent; they have sounded and are sounding in the houses of inhabitants of our country. In February 13, the composer, singer, People's Artist of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize achieved the age of 78.

Eskendir Utegenovich does not think about rest - he still sings and pleases his fans with his creativity. Hasangaliev's way to music was thorny - the young man could become a journalist, even worked as a builder, but, fortunately, his talent did not allow him to forget about a great dream.

“I used to sing from school years - on anniversaries, concerts, holidays, but I did not think that I would become a professional singer and composer. In 1956, when I was 16 years old, I went with the guys to enter the conservatory in Alma-Ata. I really loved music; I could listen to Ermek Serkebaev's songs continuously.

Friends were going to enter journalism department, and for those three days that we were traveling by train, they could convince me to enter together with them, assuring that the conservatory is not serious," remembers Eskendir Utegenovich.

None of them was enrolled to the journalism department - not enough points were got. I had to go to the construction technical school for tenants' courses in Uzun-Agash. Then Hassangliyev was sent to Shemolgan to build a school. He recalls that at the age of 16 he wore a 40-kilogram cement solution up to the second floor.

"At the end of November I received a telegram:" Immediately come home, mother is ill." I arrived, but my mother met me. She, it turned out, was worried about me. So I stayed for three years in the village - worked as a club administrator, a tutor at an educational orphanage, an apprentice-accountant. In 1959 I went to the Conservatory again."

As a result, Eskendir Utegenovich nevertheless was enrolled, but to the department of choral conducting. With gratitude he remembers his teacher - Nadia Abdrakhmanovna Sharipova - she helped to realize his dream of becoming a singer, practiced vocals with him.

An important role in the life of the artist was played by his beloved wife, to whom Eskendir Utegenovich devoted many songs. Love story is interesting - the couple met in Karaganda, where Hassangaliyev was on tour, and Dariko was studying in medical school. Then both parted then: he - in Alma-Ata, and the girl - in Moscow, to graduate in residency.

"I was not able to forget Dariko. And one day, four years later, after hearing that a girl with such a rare name works for one of the research institutes, he immediately came to the director and asked about a meeting with her. When she came in and took off the medical mask, I recognized her at once. I took her hand and since then I have not let her go - for more than 40 years."

Hassangaliev tells about his wife with love and tenderness, calls her his home front. Now the spouse is not just a companion of his life, but also the producer of Eskendir Utegenovich. The artist has children - two daughters and a son.

By the way, Birzhan Hassangaliyev has acted with his father until recently - Eskendir Utegenovich says that for about 20 years the father and the son have sang in a duet. Now Birzhan Eskendirovich heads the Chaikovsky Almaty Music College, he has state awards and is a well-deserved figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"Though he works from morning till night, giving himself completely to work, I try to support him financially, since I am still performing and receiving fees," the master said.

Eskendir Utegenovich himself continues to sing. Next year he will celebrate the 60th anniversary of his creative path, which is more about love to his homeland. An artist thinks about the vital things.

"I have always tried to think about tomorrow - what will happen to me, to my family? Looking back, I can say that it is very important to create, preserve and increase savings for life, to be able to correctly and competently manage them.

For example, although I am not young, I am the first customer of a deposit (universal life insurance under the "Zoloto Nomadov" program, indexed depending on the US dollar exchange rate - Ed.) in US dollars in the largest insurance company - NOMAD LIFE, as income on deposits in banks decrease. These are the right tendencies in the society, as well as pension annuities, which allow providing prosperity for the whole life of a person," the artist says.

It should be noted that caring for the future, for children and grandchildren is important for Eskendir Utegenovich. After all, family values ​​have always been central to Hassangaliyev.

"We have lunch or breakfast together with our whole family. We tell about our creativity, our plans, we just talk. I give my children the same instructions as my parents have given me. They said: "Do not drink, take care of your voice, do not swear with anyone." My children listen to me, adhere to the principles of respecting of the elders and juniors, loving their homeland, traditions," the composer says.

Love to the motherland is one of the main themes of the artist's work. He wants young people to love their country.

"Of course, respect to the elders, love to the motherland, their land is important. You can learn English, study abroad, get knowledge, but everything should benefit your homeland, your republic. Sometimes young performers sing foreign songs. As if our songs are worse. I adhere to the principles in this issue. I composed songs in Kazakh and Russian language - we need to translate them into English, so that our musicians promote them abroad. Love your homeland, your music, your land," concluded Eskendir Utegenovich.


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