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How to attain the age of 100: recipes from biohackers

The experts of the panel discussion "Way to Immortality" (organized by the Longevity Laboratory and the Atlanta community) told what techniques were there in the arsenal of novice biohackers and what could be done to extend life up to 100 years or more. We will tell you about the simplest and most accessible ones to the readers of Invest Foresight.
How to attain the age of 100: recipes from biohackers

Nutritional control remains a critical part of the fight to prolong life. It does not often refer to specific diets, but rather excluding a number of foods from the diet, especially sugar. “I have given up sugar, fruit juices, honey and fast carbohydrates, the consumption of which leads to the adhesions in the matrix structure and a rapid body aging. This is a very significant aging factor,” the head of the Skolkovo Mentor Association, Eugeny Larionov reminds.

The diets for life prolongation are not always the best solution, says Dmitry Veremeyenko, the founder of and creator of the expert system for theranostics of aging.

“No eating style gives advantages; we just choose what to die of. Vegetarians are less likely to die from coronary heart disease or colorectal cancer, but more often from cerebrovascular disease. Each type of diet has its own benefits, but life expectancy is the same,” says Veremeyenko.

However, upon attainment of the age of 65 the expert advises to increase the amount of protein consumed in order to protect against circopenia (loss of muscle mass).

Physical activity, primarily regular aerobic exercise, remains an integral part of the struggle to prolong life.

“Biohacking without exercise is not biohacking,” says Vadim Zorin, biophysicist and head of the regenerative medicine department at the Human Stem Cell Institute.

He suggests doing Nordic walking, going to the gym, sauna, and swimming in the pool. Aerobic physical activity lasting only about 150 minutes a week can give people an extra 5 years of life, states Dmitry Veremeyenko. He also reminds that playing sports increases the duration of a healthy period of life by up to 12 years.

Do not forget about regular medical monitoring of key health indicators. Novice biohackers should monitor the level of hormones controlling the functions of the adrenal glands and thyroid gland; it is also necessary to monitor the content of necessary vitamins and microelements in the body. The level of viral load should also be brought under control.

“This is something that makes sense to be checked by anyone who wants to start their journey in biohacking,” says Stanislav Skakun, founder of Biodata.

Over the past 7 years, Skakun has been monitoring about 300 biochemical parameters on a monthly basis; the experiment has been going on since 2014, monthly. He leaves 10-15 blood tubes in the laboratories monthly. In total, the expert has already taken 12,000 medical measurements.

“Obtaining such medical information is a convenient tool for solving any health issues,” notes Skakun.

One of the aging reasons is depletion of the stem cell pool of human body, which can be changed with the help of cell therapy methods in the future. He reminded that the Nobel Prize was awarded back in 2012 for the discovery of the reprogramming of mature cells into pluripotent ones (capable of transforming into cells of various types). And the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology will allow fight serious diseases.

Neuronet and big data can also help in prolonging life allowing analyze huge amounts of data related to human health. For example, in 2019, 14 metabolic blood biomarkers were discovered, which could be used to estimate the probability of death within 10 years (44,168 people were studied).


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