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Where to invest spare money?

The editorial office of Argumenty and Facty learned from the insurance company investment manager Dmitry Nuriakhmetov which investments brought a steady income.
Where to invest spare money?

Shares and bonds are securities floated by issuing companies, joint stock companies. Shares entitle to receive dividends, part of the company's profit. Bonds are loans from companies or states.

Investment life insurance is a product presented by insurance companies. The client receives several advantages by acquiring ILI policy. First of all, his financial assets are invested in the stock market. Secondly, the invested capital is 100% protected, even if the market falls. Thirdly, the product insurance cover implies a tax deduction and a number of legal benefits. The ILI strategies can be tied to stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, etc.

ETF are investment funds which securities are listed on exchanges. Investors receive income in stock dividends included in the investment fund portfolio. The advantage of this type of personal capital investment is that a person acquires a ready-made package of securities selected by professionals. Thus, the probability of receiving dividends is quite high. As a rule, the ETF cost starts from several thousand rubles; it constantly varies depending on the situation on the exchange.

One should always bear in mind that when planning personal finances you can and should combine several tools at once. Experts advise diversifying investments so the risk of losing profit and being disappointed in the stock market is lower.

Consumer market: the American entrepreneur Warren Buffett suggested investing in those areas and companies which business is transparent and which products are used by investor itself. The point is extremely simple: since I prefer to regularly buy this product for myself, most likely it will be good for others, and mass demand generates good profit for the manufacturer, which positively affects the growth of stock prices.

Biotech: with technology penetration into medicine, a new concept, biotechnology, has emerged, which today is rapidly developing. New features allow scientists to develop drugs for previously incurable diseases and reduce the cost of existing ones. Investments in the industry are constantly growing. The stock market index in biotechnology Nasdaq Biotech has been showing positive dynamics over the past three years.

Computer games: at first glance, gaming (the computer game industry) may seem a rather strange sector for private fund investing, but in reality now this industry earns more than the cinema and music sectors together, the revenue is $150 billion a year.

Alternative energy sources: the development of this sector is directly related to the attempt of using less energy from fossil fuels which pollutes the environment. The amount of photosynthesized non-volatile carbon has reached 30–40% threatening the extinction of some animal species. In addition, the industry is accelerating due to the high level of urbanization and economic recovery of emerging markets.


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