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Seven Ways to Boost Your Immunity

There are two types of immunity: genetic and acquired. Genetic immunity penetrates the body in the womb, and then when breastfeeding. Congenital immunity gives antibody cells, which, in the event of an attack, are rapidly produced and repel all bacteria and viruses. The acquired type is specific, and resistance begins only with the introduction of certain cells and systems. As a rule, such protection is obtained after vaccination or diseases.
Seven Ways to Boost Your Immunity

Motion is life

The more you move, the more cells are supplied with oxygen, which means metabolism works faster.  Body quickly removes unnecessary toxins, free radicals and is more capable of defeating pests in the event of an attack.


With a timely made injection a person endures pain much easier than those who have not been vaccinated. Sometimes a vaccinated person does not even feel unwell at all.

A 7-9 hour sleep

It is proved that people who sleep their fill get sick much less often. In order not to suffer without sleep in bed, it is advisable to go to bed at the same time; it will take seconds to fall asleep.

Vitamin therapy

Take vitamins daily during cold weather, exacerbations, or seasonal periodicity. During this period, the body weakens and you need to support and help it to adapt.

Regular diet

There should at least 4 meals a day. The energy value of consumed products should be able to maintain thermoregulation, which is also extremely important for immunity improvement.  


Reasonable hardening is very good for immunity improvement. Such methods as diving into an ice hole and ice-cold water dousing in winter should be immediately scratched out. A daily contrast shower will be an excellent hardening for the body, as well as tonus for the whole day.

Infusions and fruit drinks from herbs and berries

Such berries as sea buckthorn, currants, and raspberries are good for immunity; they contain a huge amount of vitamins.

Infusions are fragrant and have a pleasant scent; prepared from linden, thyme, oregano, or hops they are especially good.

One of the most popular medicinal herbs is Echinacea purpurea. The herb has not only immune stimulating qualities, but also is able to fight the virus. If berry drinks can be drunk year-round, Echinacea can only be taken by courses with mandatory interruptions.

By following the above recommendations, immunity will improve and be maintained at the highest level even in the most severe cold and bad weather.


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