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How much will the New Year celebration cost for Kazakhstanis?

According to the Bureau of National Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the average salary was 299,782 tenge in the 3rd Q 2022, and the inflation rate as of November 2022 increased by 19.6%, compared to last year's statistics. Considering these indices, the analysts of LIC Freedom Life studied data from open sources (grocery stores, Kazakhstani resorts, travel companies’ websites) and calculated how much the New Year holidays would cost Kazakhstani people on average if they celebrate them at home or abroad.
How much will the New Year celebration cost for Kazakhstanis?

New Year table price

Those who are going to celebrate New Year at home, may spend about 25,000-50,000 for table in average. Insurers came to this amount when calculating the cost of meals and products usually presented on the festive table of most Kazakhstanis.

Hot meat entrees including garnish (manti, casserole, etc.)

2500-3000 tenge

Poultry meals (roasted chicken, etc.)

1500 -2500 tenge

Olivier salad

2500-3000 tenge

Dressed herring salad

1700-2000 tenge

Mimosa salad

 1200-1500 tenge


5000-6000 tenge

Cheese plater

1000-5000 tenge

Canned goods

700-1000 tenge

Meat loaf or samsa

2000-2500 tenge


200-2000 tenge

Cake, pastries, sweet pies, sweets

400-5000 tenge


200-400 tenge

Fruits (apples, bananas, tangerines, oranges)

2000-5000 tenge

Alcohol (wine, champagne)

1200-5000 tenge

New Year at domestic resorts

The vacation in Kazakhstani resorts widely ranges from 30,000 to 300,000 and more, depending on the status, popularity and location of the resort area. For instance, the most expensive resort in Aktau costs an average of 300,000 for accommodation, meals and a New Year's show program. The most affordable offers are provided by Burabay recreation areas, from 12,000 tenge for accommodation. Basically, the cost is given for three days (from 31.12.2022 to 02.01.2023).

How much will be spent on vacation abroad?

It turned out during the study that the prices for New Year's tours do not differ much from summer and autumn offers. The cost varies from 115,000 tenge to 1,000,000 or more, depending on the host country. New Year's trip to India, UAE, Egypt and Turkey will be the cheapest for Kazakhstanis. The vacation in the Dominican Republic and the Maldives are the most expensive. In addition to accommodation, the minimum tour cost also includes breakfast.

Visa is not required when buying a week New Year tour in these countries, except for India (the cost of visa to Goa is about 16,000 tenge). However, there are other costs, such as PCR test and travel insurance.

The cost of PCR test varies depending on the time it takes to get the result. For example, test results in one day after the sampling of the biomaterial are about 5,000 tenge. If you need test results as soon as possible (within 4 hours), the cost will be higher, about 20,000 tenge.

As for insurance of a tourist traveling abroad, there are several options for issuing health travel insurance.

The cost of compulsory travel insurance in 2022 is an average of 8000-9000 tenge, depending on the host country, number of days, route and other factors. Compulsory travel insurance is usually included in the cost of the tour.

In 2022, in addition to compulsory insurance, Kazakhstanis going to another country can subscribe to peace of mind. This is a more convenient and beneficial digital format of voluntary health travel insurance.

“According to the terms of the subscription to peace of mind, the payment in case of insurance event ranges from 10 to 100 thousand euros depending on the chosen conditions and the country of residence. The subscription covers emergency medical care, emergency dental services, medical transportation, transportation of third parties (if necessary) to the host country and hospitalization with a diagnosis of COVID-19,” they explained in LIC Freedom Life.

Photos are from open sources.

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