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What should I do if fraudsters have issued a loan using my documents?

A call from a financial institution demanding monthly payment on loan is always stressful for any person, let alone the situations when the loan is fraudulently issued. By the way, such crimes became popular during the pandemic, when banks and MFOs became more willing to lend remotely. Even as a person is absolutely not to blame for anything, they will have a sinuosity of investigations with the creditor. Here is what to do in such a situation.
What should I do if fraudsters have issued a loan using my documents?

The scammers usually use several main methods to arrange loans to third parties:

Forgery or theft of documents

This is a classic loan fraud scheme. The criminals take possession of the documents and personal data of a bank’s or Microfinance Organization’s client and apply them for loans in various financial institutions. A fraudster can replace the photo, and if he does not have the original identity card, he can make a fake with the real data of the client and his photo.

Social engineering

Using social engineering, scammers force people to take out a loan and transfer money on their own. The criminals usually call people, intimidate them (report that a huge amount has been debited from the account) and people provide personal data, logins and passwords to their personal accounts, secret codes from SMS. Online loan can be issued during this conversation.


“If your personal and payment details fall into the hands of cybercriminals, they can hack into your online or mobile banking and fraudulently issue loans. You can identify the fact of illegal registration of a loan in your name using a credit history. You can get a personal credit report at the State Credit Bureau, the First Credit Bureau, Citizens Service Centers or through the e-Government portal,” the Financial Services Consumer Protection Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of Financial Market (ARDFM) informed.

Action algorithm

Loan office

Contact a loan office. There are two of them in Kazakhstan - the First Credit Bureau and the State Credit Bureau. The credit history will help you find out exactly the financial institution’s name and amount of debt.


It is necessary to notify law enforcement agencies not so much so that they initiate a criminal case against fraudsters, but to establish the fact that you haven’t takeт a loan. It is also necessary to take a verification letter of the missing document, which will indicate the date of appeal.

Communication with the lender

Contact the lending institution that has issued the loan. This is probably the easiest way to resolve the issue. Remember, the application must be in writing, not verbal. Banks and MFOs are tightly controlled by the ARDFM, so they can make concessions and cancel small debt. “Your applications must be registered, the registration number with the date of acceptance of the application must also be put on the application copy that you keep for yourself,” the ARDFM department concluded.

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