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Why you shouldn't use “Helper” services

In recent years, the activities of unscrupulous “helpers” are gaining popularity in the insurance market. They most often appear when citizens need to receive insurance payments for compulsory car insurance in case of traffic accidents, the press service of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market (ARDFM) reports.
Why you shouldn't use “Helper” services

The point of their actions is reduced to the provision of “intermediary” services in obtaining insurance payments. In fact, “helpers” without actually providing legal or consulting services, and misleading citizens, take up to half of the insurance payment due to the beneficiary by law. Taking advantage of gullibility, unscrupulous “helpers” profit off citizens. Such dishonest services have turned into a well-established scheme for obtaining easy money, where the number of people who have not received legitimate payments is growing from year to year. As a result, the activity of “helpers” not only causes financial damage to citizens but also shatters confidence in insurance, since “helpers” create an illusion that it is impossible to receive an insurance payment without their help.

There are frequent cases when, after a fatal accident, "helpers" turn to the relatives of casualty promising assistance in obtaining money from the insurance company. Thus, according to the Law, dependent children or parents of a person who died in an accident are entitled to insurance benefit in the amount of 2,000 MCI or 6.9 million tenge (the MCI for 2023 is 3,450 tenge). Using the difficult moral situation of relatives, “helpers” conclude an agreement with them and draw up a power of attorney to receive insurance benefits. Mediation services in this case are reduced to the transfer of documents from the relatives of the deceased to the insurance company. “Helpers” keep themselves half of the amount or more, which is a disproportionate payment for the volume of services provided.

In order to simplify an insurance payment procedure, legislative amendments were made in 2022, according to which all the necessary documents for receiving an insurance payment, including information on beneficiaries, could be obtained from government agencies remotely through the UIDB by exchanging electronic data. This allows insurance organizations to take measures to determine the dependents of the deceased person, assist in collecting the necessary documents and pay them directly the insurance payment. We would like to note that commissions and fees are not provided for the implementation of insurance payments by insurers.

People should note that in case of an insured event, the insurance company is to make insurance payout in the amount, procedures and terms established by the Law. In case of fatal road accidents, the dependents of the deceased person: children or relatives who were dependent on him, a person entitled to compensation for harm in connection with the death of the injured have the right to receive a lump sum payment.

For harm caused to life or health of the injured, the following amounts of insurance benefits are established by law for 2023:

  • death - 2000 MCI - 6,900,000 tenge;
  • disability confirmation:

- the 1st group - 1600 MCI - 5,520,000 tenge;

- the 2nd group - 1200 MCI - 4,140,000 tenge;

- the 3rd group - 500 MCI - 1,725,000 tenge;

- a child with a disability - 1,000 MCI - 3,450,000 tenge;

  • dismemberment, trauma or other damage to health without establishing disability - in the amount of actual outpatient and (or) inpatient treatment costs but not more than 300 MCI (not more than 1,035,000 tenge).

No intermediaries are required to receive the required insurance benefit. Close relatives of the injured must contact the insurance company of the injured, or the person responsible for the accident.

In case the relatives of the injured do not know which insurance company the injured or perpetrator has been insured in, the information can be obtained from the Unified Insurance Database (UIDB): through the official website or by contacting the State Credit Bureau directly.

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