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Without hope on the "off chance": three stories about the benefits of insurance

"I don’t know none family, that went broke in paying insurance premiums, but I know families, that went broke without doing it." Winston Churchill
Without hope on the "off chance": three stories about the benefits of insurance

Insurance of life, health, property, money on bankcards has become a familiar part of the life for many of us. Wisdom "Penny-wise, but pound-foolish" is time-tested. Previously, friends and colleagues could often be heard: "pass at a distance", "God won't give it away, pigs won't eat it", "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". All this carelessness is a sign of low financial literacy, because hope "on the off chance" can turn into a total failure. Moreover, so that does not happen, you need to insure yourself.

Situations, in which insurance becomes a lifeline, are mass. Unexpected illness when traveling abroad; the flood that the neighbors arranged; stolen expensive laptop, without which it is impossible to work ... Those who once experienced the bitterness of loss, they know: we must always think about the future. Insurance - care not only for yourself, but also for your one's family and loved ones. In addition, this is confirmed by stories from life.

Irina, the owner of the beauty salon:

"I didn’t think about insurance before. I didn’t have my own apartment, I practiced sport and felt that I would live 100 years. "Why insure, if all is well? Some day, at a retirement age ... ", - I thought, as, probably, many people argue.

However, life changes: I opened my beauty salon. It went, I was able to buy an apartment, got married, gave birth my son. We bought two cars, began to travel a lot around the world - in general, the normal life of a successful family. One day something happened about what they say "Bad luck comes in threes". I was seriously ill: I needed an operation with expensive rehabilitation. At the same time, a bankcard was hacked, on which I had a decent amount. Scammers withdrew all the money. I was in a panic: I thought that a little more, and life would collapse. It's good, that next to me were my favorite men - husband and son, then still very small.

Slowly we climbed out. We sold one car, climbed into loans, I had an operation. Already, lying in the hospital, I realized: in order not to think about what might happen next crisis, you need to insure yourself. I studied the market, chose a policy that protects life and health. Another insurance secured the account of your bankcard. I sighed freely. I feel completely protected, and this from a psychological point of view is very important. When the "sword of Damocles" is not hanging over you, you go through life easily, any business go smoothly. I'm not afraid anymore: if something will suddenly happen, and I will experience that terrible despair again. It will not happen again. "

Alexey, manager:

"I, like probably many of my 30-year-old peers, did not think about insurance. Until then, I went on vacation on a burning trip to Bali and did not get there a serious injury. Everything turned out trite: I fell off the scooter and severely cut my foot. In the hospital left all the money that I had. Medical care in hospitals for foreigners, where I was sent, is very expensive. In addition, you cannot get stitches yourself ... As a result, no souvenirs, trips to cafes, entertainment: the rest of the vacation, which I planned grandiose, was in the strictest austerity.

In the future, I did not go abroad without insurance. Since I love active recreation, the Travel Insurance package with basic protection has added the Sport package. It involves insurance against injuries during skiing, windsurfing, and the protection of sports equipment.

Insurance is not a whim, and not a useless spending of money. Especially if you don’t have heaps of money. Now I know for sure."

Igor, the builder:

"I don’t know why, but before that I just fob off offers to insure myself. Probably, the superstition, which was embedded in childhood, worked fine - do not think about the bad, or you call evil. However, this, in fact, the behavior of the ostrich: put his head in the sand, and no matter what happens.

I am a healthy man, I have always provided for my family. I have three children, a teacher-wife who earns a small salary. I plowed without days off, I never got sick, I thought that nothing would happen to me. Nevertheless, it happened.

Once I felt bad - I drove behind the wheel, my eyes darkened. I do not remember how, but managed to slow down on the roadside, dialed wife on the phone, said where I am. I zonk out. The hospital determined that I had a stroke. Well, that was delivered on time: the doctors said that I will get to my feet, but at least three months later. For me, working on a piece-rate basis, under contracts, this was tantamount to ruin.

Four months (earlier doctors did not allow me to start work) my family and I lived on money withdrawn from the bank's deposit (at the same time we lost interest) - we spend all the accumulated "financial cushion".

After that, I thought about insurance. I realized that I'm not eternal and I can also get seriously ill. In addition, I have children, a wife, parents, and pensioners. I insured my health, took care of the future - bought a life insurance policy: you determine the amount and the period to which you want to accumulate it, you choose the frequency of payment of contributions and insurance cases, upon the arrival of which you will receive protection. Therefore, I guaranteed that my children would have savings by the time they turn 18. In addition, i insured myself in case of injury. Has connected the option "Exemption from payment of contributions" - in case I cannot make contributions for health reasons.

In my opinion, this is the most civilized way to invest in your future. You do not just keep money in the bank, but also receive insurance payments, if something happens. Now I'm calm for my relatives: there will be no more force majeure."

Which insurance programs are popular today?

Insurance apartments or houses: the property protected from the flood, theft, fire. In addition, the responsibility of the owner of residential real estate to neighbors is insured: if you fill them, for example, the insurance company will cover the damage. *

Protection of relatives: insurance against the risk of injury from an accident. You can insure children, spouses, parents. Such a policy is valid, including when traveling around the world. **

Insurance of collateral for those who took a mortgage. The list of insurance cases includes fire, explosion, flooding, natural disasters, theft, robbery, brigandage, intentional destruction by third parties and so on.

Insurance for holders of bankcards. In this case, the protection extends to the use of the card after its loss (if, for example, you lost it or you were robbed), phishing, signature forgery, mechanical damage or demagnetization, and so on.

Investment life insurance - a mix of insurance and accumulation (the funds invested are distributed between deposits, shares, metals and other investment instruments).

Together with accumulative life insurance, travel insurance, insurance against accidents and diseases.


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