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Voluntary health insurance: focus on service

Any person at the moment of disease least of all wants to do unnecessary movements. Excruciating waiting in the queue, moving from one room to another, sometimes a rough attitude of the medical staff, tests and physical examinations taking more than one day ... It is a familiar situation, isn’t it? Increasingly, in the process of searching of first aid people turn to private clinics, where they can get any medical service here and now in comfortable conditions. But not many people know that by signing of a voluntary health insurance agreement, they can improve their health by combining comfort and quality, as well as save their budget at the same time. The geography covered by such agreement is the whole Kazakhstan. Having a VHI card, people can visit as medical assistance, so large state clinics within a year. Assel Chagirova, Underwriting and Reinsurance Department Director, “NOMAD LIFE” Life Insurance Company JSC, answers the questions regarding VHI.
Voluntary health insurance: focus on service

What are the advantages of VHI?

Firstly, it is lack of queues, the opportunity to get into good clinics, be examined by highly professional doctors at a time point convenient for you. But, of course, one should not forget that it depends on the cost of the program, that means the more expensive and better the program, the greater the range of medical services will be available within the VHI.

What does health insurance policy provide?

Having free of charge public medicine to date, we have an opportunity to seek medical advice of a doctor, but we need to go to the clinic and register in advance for doing this, having stood in a queue. And if one needs to get a high-tech service or a quota, then it can take a long period of time. As a part of the voluntary health insurance, if you have a good expensive program, all the above mentioned services can be got here and now as a matter-of-fact.

Kazakhstan is transferring to the system of compulsory health insurance (CHI). And what is the difference between VHI and CHI? Is it possible to say that VHI will not be necessary in the future?

VHI will be a great help to CHI, as the latter one will cover all those services and medicines, which are now being provided free of charge. But if you need to get a medical service quickly, for example, an expensive surgery, then, having a VHI policy, you can ensure yourself with an accelerated getting of such a service.

What should the owner of the VHI policy know? Does VHI cover everything? And why is it important to read the insurance program carefully?

First of all, the owner must have a card, where an assistance telephone number is provided, so that he can contact the operators at any time of the day to find out what program he has, what is covered by this program, what is not covered, what limit is on medicines and other. However, in voluntary medical insurance, as in any type of insurance, occurrence of an insured event is important; in this case it is a disease. Seeking for medical assistance, which will be provided within this or that program, within the VHI policy, shall be done at the moment of acute pain, complaints, malaise or exacerbation of a chronic disease.

Can a client change the program independently within a year, for example, get a more expensive program?

It is possible; if he makes a corresponding surcharge, and the company's underwriter will consider that it is possible to do so.

 When applying to state medical institutions, a residence permit is required. If registration is absent – service is not provided. Will the medical assistance provide services to a person with a nonresident registration, if he has a VHI policy?

Not a residence permit, but the availability of insurance agreement signed is important in such a case, and, accordingly, a VHI card. A person, having a program of voluntary medical insurance, is attached, as a rule, to a certain network of medical institutions. And if, for objective reasons, he is outside the city where he bought the VHI program, then, having called to the assistance, he can get information to which medical institution he can apply at the place of its location. But again, it depends on what kind of program he has. The more expensive program, the more it’s content and the more medical facilities to which the patient can apply to. And even if he cannot get necessary service in the local medical institution, then in agreement with the assistance, it is possible to get the necessary service at that medical institution, where this service is offered, providing the bills after the service getting, which will be paid by the insurance company.

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