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Nomad Life will raffle off the fifth car among its customers

The life insurance company Nomad Life announced the launch of another campaign among the ZOLOTO NOMADOV and ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest policy owners. This time the insurance company’s clients will be able to win the Toyota Camry 75. Following the previous campaigns’ results, besides cars, the policyholders received dozens of health products by a premium brand from the company.
Nomad Life will raffle off the fifth car among its customers

The Nomad Life customers who sign contracts before July 1 this year are eligible to participate in the drawing. “Every $10 thousand of deposit take part in the promotion, and regardless whether the agreement with us is signed in March or June, the client has a chance to win a Toyota Camry 75 or one of the exclusive BORK premium devices, which are raffled off in intermediate rounds”, says Madi Shalgimbayev, the Board Deputy Chairman of LIC Nomad Life.

As contracts are concluded, the Nomad Life employees enter the numbers of participants in a special register on the website Each client can easily check his ticket by entering his own contract number into the register. ZOLOTO NOMADOV and ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest are endowment insurance programs, which are a bank deposit and life insurance hybrid. Thanks to the insurance policies, our clients enjoy tax benefits and legal privileges,” explains Madi Shalgimbayev.

A high return is one of the advantages of endowment and investment life insurance. The main point of these contracts is the financial security of loved ones in the event of the policyholder’s death. Besides, the company covers the COVID-19 risks as well. “In developed countries, death from coronavirus is not considered an insured event in endowment life insurance policies, an additional policy should be bought for that. We decided not to make a new product but simply pay the beneficiaries the full cost of the guaranteed income, even if the insured event occurred within several months after the agreement conclusion,” the source said.

The product ZOLOTO NOMADOV was offered to the market three years ago. Today, the company pays its customers their savings, plus 3.41% per annum return in foreign currency. It should be noted that the rate of foreign currency deposits in banks does not exceed 1% per annum today. In addition to a stable dollar income and insurance coverage, ZOLOTO NOMADOV includes the option of issuing loans on preferential terms, and the ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest program provides access to international stock markets. ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest is built on the international technology Unit Linked. In Kazakhstan, Nomad Life was the first among insurance companies to adapt Western mechanisms to the domestic market, develop and implement an insurance program. The program was launched on the market in October last year and immediately began to be in demand,” the source emphasizes.

The program participants’ money is invested in financial instruments, the return on which complies with the return of well-known indices, which have proven themselves in the investment market. The investment program ZOLOTO NOMADOV Invest offers its clients 7 investment portfolios: “500 Largest US Companies”, “China Stock Market”, “High Technologies”, “Healthcare”, “Energy”, “Gold Mining”, and “100 Largest IPO Companies USA". The investment portfolios were selected by Nomad Life specialists after analyzing more than 5000 financial instruments of the international stock market.

Historical gross return on indices as of 05.01.2021 (in USD):


5 years

Return, % per annum

10 years

Return, % per annum

500 largest US companies



China stock market



High Technologies









Gold mining



Top 100 US IPOs



“By organizing such prize draws, not only we reward our clients showing them how important they are, but also popularize the tools that allow creating stable passive income,” concluded the Board Deputy Chairman of LIC Nomad Life.

You can find out more information on the website or by phone number 3260.

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