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New product of accumulative insurance: profitability with a big plus

Sberbank and the LIC Nomad Life have launched a unique investment product with profitability in US dollars of 3.26%.
New product of accumulative insurance: profitability with a big plus

The product "Zoloto Nomadov" guarantees a high return on investment for a period of three to ten years. It combines the advantages of a life insurance policy and an investment instrument. All amounts under the policy are indexed in US dollars, depending on the term of the policy.

At the conclusion of the policy for a period from 3 to 10 years for the amount of 10,000 US dollars, the total insurance payment will be from 10,705 to 13,761 US dollars. The payment is made both by the end of insurance period, and early, when an insurance event occurs.

According to Zhanargul Izimova, Managing Director for Retail Sales of SB Sberbank, this product was developed on the basis of client experience in the field of savings instruments. Customer surveys show that 70% of investors spend their savings on their children education, real estate purchase or secure a decent retirement in the future.

"Classic bank deposits are a good instrument but for a short term. The maximum period for which banks fix good rates in the current market situation does not exceed 1-2 years, says Ms. Izimova. - If the client plans to place for a longer period, then, unfortunately, the rate does not cover even the current level of inflation. If we take the legislative restrictions on the maximum rate and the fact that the client's funds on the deposit are not protected from confiscations, claims of third parties in case of property dispute or arrest and can be withdrawn at any time. As a result, the goal of savings has not been achieved".

Universal life insurance, on the contrary, fixes high profitability (up to 3.26% in US dollars) for a period of up to 10 years, has insurance coverage of your life. Your money is completely protected from the claims of third parties and, most importantly, will be used by you for the intended purpose.

The yield is always proved with numbers. For example, you have opened a deposit in a bank for amount of $10,000 with a maximum term of 3 years and 1% annual interest rate. The main goal is to save for your child's education. In 3 years your income will be 300 US dollars, suppose that the rate remains the same after the prolongation. Your total income for 10 years will be 10,000 USD. It should be noted that you can withdraw money and use it for other purposes.

The second option is the placement of $10,000 in accumulative life insurance  «Zoloto Nomadov»  with the fixed annual interest rate of 3.26% for all 10 years. By the end of the term, you or your child will receive 10,000 US dollars + 3,760 US dollars of accrued interest. And, taking into account the possible rate of US dollar in 10 years, this is a rather good investment.

 "Is the tool reliable? We confidently say that reliability of universal life insurance “Zoloto Nomadov” is backed by the reputation and stability of both partners, Sberbank and Nomad LIFE," says Zhanargul Izimova. - When choosing a partner, we evaluated the financial stability rating (according to the scale of the international rating agency AMBest it is B-), the market share in the life insurance industry for assets, profits, insurance payments, formed reserves and feedback from our customers".

Additionally, all Sberbank customers during the first month after the launch of the investment product “Zoloto Nomadov” with the policy for 50,000 US dollars will get iPhone X (256 GB) as a gift.

The process of registration of the “Zoloto Nomadov” policy is carried out online in the website:

More information about the product you can find on the site


Subsidiary Bank Sberbank JSC is a member of the international group Sberbank. The bank has been successfully operating in the financial market of Kazakhstan for 9 years, and it occupies the 4th place in terms of assets among all banks of Kazakhstan. Presently, SB Sberbank has a branch network consisting of 91 structural divisions, 16 of which are branches. The central office of the Bank is located in Almaty.

JSC LIC NOMAD LIFE, the largest company in the life insurance industry, has developed its own sales network. The Company opened 16 branches and 10 regional offices in the regional and district centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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