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The Ministry of Health suggests insurance in case of medical error at childbirth

The Ministry of Health initiates amendments to the legislation, allowing to insure the professional activity of doctors and to pay financial damage in case of insurance events with women in childbirth, Minister of Health Elzhan Birtanov said, reports.
The Ministry of Health suggests insurance in case of medical error at childbirth

"Life insurance already exists, but we are initiating amendments to the legislation on voluntary insurance of professional liability of medical workers, which will provide for recovery of material damage from them in case of proof of their guilt. And insurance funds will be able to pay. Now this rule is being discussed in the professional community. While the corresponding bill has not been submitted to the parliament", he told journalists on July 17.

The Minister is sorry to note that there is an increase in number of women who died during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and the maternal mortality rate has exceeded the last year's level in Kazakhstan in the first half of the year.

"This is due to the fact that there were more such cases than the previous year in a number of regions, including Astana. A mandatory investigation provided by law is carried out now and in general for each case. The Committee for Public Health is conducting an investigation", he said.

In general, the causes of death, he said, can be divided into two main groups.

"These are the causes directly related to the management of births from the moment of pregnancy registration to the completion of childbirth and discharge from the hospital, and also related to other causes of the disease. In general, of course, there is a high increase in mortality associated with women's health. There are a number of reasons, including a late registration", said Yelzhan Birtanov.

"Today, unfortunately, about 20% of pregnant women in average do not register on time, therefore, it is very difficult to observe them. Among the deceased, the number of such women reaches 56%, that is, most of the deceased women, unfortunately, got registered late. Besides, there are cases of improper observation and non-compliance with the standards of these women before delivery and during delivery by medical personnel", he added.

Besides, there is a serious deficit of personnel in this area; a shortage of about 340 obstetrician-gynecologists is currently in the regions.

"Unfortunately, the index of women's health in Kazakhstan is 70%, only 70% of pregnant women are healthy, that is, there are diseases. There are even cases when pregnancy is contraindicated, 1,500 cases of absolutely contraindicated and dangerous for life pregnancy", summarized Elzhan Birtanov.


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