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Insurance against accident- there is a pause for thought

In up-to-date world, trying to adjust to the ever-changing rhythm of life, we try to catch everything and everywhere and often do not think about possible unforeseen circumstances, which can affect our lives or the lives of our loved ones. However, it worth, without delay, to take care of what will happen with us or with those, who depend on us, if suddenly an unexpected confluence of circumstances turns around so that our life will change.
Insurance against accident- there is a pause for thought

What does an accident mean?

According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as of October 1, 2017, 1 193 people were injured at enterprises and entities of the republic as a result of accidents, 172 events of which  were fatal. In 2016, 1186 people were injured, 193 – fatal events.

A sudden short-term event, which occurred against the will of a person, has an external effect on the insured, which entails traumatic injury other damage to his health or led to his death is determined as an accident in insurance.

People often face material losses as a result of the accident - loss of ability to work unambiguously leads to a decrease in incomes, as there is a need to cover the costs of treatment and restoring of health.

How to protect ourselves from an accident?

Insurance while not allow to be saved from troubles, but it is a good help in struggle against their consequences. Purchasing an insurance against accidents for a relatively inexpensive cost, you get protection from the worst things - death, disability. This insurance provides for an insured or a person specified in it (the beneficiary) to receive material support after the insured event occurrence.

What can we be insured against?

Protection against various unpleasant situations can be provided in insurance policy:

• temporary incapacity to work;

• disabilities of I and II category;

• physical injury or any other injury;

• death.

Types of insurance against accidents

There are two forms of insurance against accidents:

• individual insurance - only one individual is insured, while he pays insurance premiums independently;

• Group (corporate) insurance - a group of employees or individuals is insured, the entity pays for them.

Mandatory and voluntary insurance are highlighted among the types of insurance against accidents.

• Compulsory insurance against accidents is established by the law;

• Voluntary insurance provides freedom of choice regarding the amount and duration of an agreement and what specific risks are to be insured.

How to enter into agreement of insurance against accidents?

The procedure of entering into agreement of insurance against accidents is usually quite simple.

The required condition is to fill in an application for insurance in the form established by the insurer, with attachment of a copy of the identity document of the insurant and the insured, indicating the IIN.

The insurance agreement shall be entered in writing by joining the insurance rules and issuing of an insurance policy.

The term of the insurance agreement is established by agreement of the parties and is indicated in the insurance policy. The agreement of insurance against accidents is short-term and shall be entered basically for 1 year, but it can be extended upon the will of the insurant.

It is important to remember that the insurance agreement shall come into effect and become binding to the parties, provided that the insurance premium is paid.

What benefit can be got?

The insurance benefit, payment of which is made upon occurrence of an insurance event, of course, cannot eliminate the direct consequences of the accident. For example, it cannot return a person to life, but will help to overcome the serious financial difficulties associated with the loss of a breadwinner in the family, or in case of disability will serve to pay additional costs for treatment and nutrition.

Payment under insurance agreements against accidents can be made in the form of:

• insurance coverage specified in the agreement;

• a part of the insurance coverage specified in the agreement;

• insurance benefits;

• annuity payments (pensions).

The form of payment shall be determined by the terms of the agreement and the nature of the consequences of the accident. So, if the result of an insured event is death or permanent total disability, payment shall often be made with a lump sum in the form of an insurance coverage, which is specified in the agreement.

If the result of an insured event is temporary incapacity to work, payment to the insured may be made in the form of an insurance benefit. Its amount, which depends on the duration of temporary incapacity to work, and the timing of payment are fixed in advance.

Insurance payment for “bodily injury” insured event, as a rule, shall be made with a lump sum, its amount is determined by the insurer according to the “Table of insurance benefits for bodily injuries” as a percentage of the insured coverage specified in the insurance policy.

 “Table of insurance benefits for bodily injuries” is approved by the insurer and is an annex to the insurance rules.

 Where the insurance policy against accidents can be bought?

The insurance market in Kazakhstan presents a variety of proposals for insurance against accidents, both from general insurance companies and from life insurance companies. Within the process of an insurance company choosing in order to enter into an agreement, take care of reliability of your investments and a guarantee of worthy insurance coverage. Upon insurance policy purchasing, carefully read the insurance rules for the program you choose. Pay special attention to exceptions from insurance events and grounds for refusal in insurance benefits payment.

 Remembering the words of a classic, who speaks with the lips of a well-known character: "Yes, a human is mortal, but it would be not so bad. The bad thing is that sometimes he is suddenly mortal, that's the trick!”, then comes the understanding that the most precious thing that we have is our life. At the same time, it is exposed every day to various risks in the form of traffic accidents, fires, natural disasters, etc. Therefore, it is worth considering how we can help ourselves and our loved ones when such unpleasant situations occur.

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