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Injuries hit the pockets

Any accident - a fracture, a serious burn or other trauma - brings to the victim not only physical and moral suffering, but also material damage to his family. In addition to medical expenses, family can realize a loss of permanent income, and the treatment can be delayed for a month or longer. If disability is established, then a change of profession may be required, usually leading to a decrease in financial well-being.
Injuries hit the pockets

People who have children or elderly parents who are particularly prone to injury often have to bear the cost of their treatment and rehabilitation in the event of accidents.

To cope with the material consequences of injuries will help insurance against accidents.

Insurance payment will help to overcome the material difficulties associated with the loss of a breadwinner in the family, or if it is lost, it will serve to pay additional costs for treatment and nutrition.

What injuries are covered by the insurance policy?

Bodily injuries that are covered by an insurance policy are considered an accident, because they do not depend on the desires and capabilities of the injured person:

The following types of injuries are usually referred to as an insurance event:

• fractures of bones;

• ruptures of nerve connections, violation of the integrity of tendons, dislocations;

• damage to internal organs due to impact or fall, including eyes, hearing, partial or complete loss;

• burns;

• surgical interventions that were caused by trauma.

 What should people do if an insured event occurs?

• Immediately seek medical help from a medical institution.

• Inform the insurer of the period (usually up to 30 days) specified in the agreement and insurance rules, providing written notification of an insurance event that happened to you (or another insured person).

• Collect all necessary documents confirming the occurrence of the insured event.

• Fill in the application for insurance payment and send it to the insurance company.

What payments can people get?

Payment under accident insurance agreements can be made:

• In the case of bodily injury, as a rule, payment is made at a time; its amount is determined by the insurer according to the "Table of insurance payments for bodily injuries" as a percentage of the insurance coverage specified in the insurance policy.

• If as a result of an accident a temporary incapacity to work or hospitalization occurred, the payment to the insured person can be made in the form of an insurance benefit. Its size, which depends on the duration of temporary incapacity for work or hospitalization, and the terms of payment are fixed in advance in the agreement;

• In case of permanent full disability or death. Payment is often made at a time in the form of the insurance amount specified in the agreement.

What are the exceptions?

Just like any other insurance agreement, the accident insurance policy contains a number of exceptions. Most importantly, carefully study the list of risks that covers the insurance policy, and exceptions from them. After all, there are cases when the insurer has the right to refuse payment. For example, the insurance agreement does not cover cases in which the insured was in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication.

The list of exceptions may also contain risks associated with dangerous professional activities or extreme sports activities. They are factors that increase the degree of risk.

And, naturally, if you try to intentionally provoke the occurrence of an insured event, the company will definitely refuse to pay you insurance compensation, since such actions will be a violation of the terms of the agreement and will be regarded as fraud. If you are a risk group, you should not deceive the insurer. Maybe the policy will cost you less, but this will not guarantee you payment in the event of an insured event if the fraud is opened.

In life, random and unexpected events are constantly occurring, and, unfortunately, they do not always have a pleasant component. In a turbulent life-flow, we often neglect our safety and drive away the thoughts of unpleasant things. But nevertheless it is worthwhile to stop for a moment and think about the fact that trouble does not warn about its arrival, therefore it is better to be more prudent and to protect yourself and your relatives in time from the consequences of the accident.

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