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Lucrative, convenient and reliable - VTB Bank Kazakhstan and Nomad Life launched a joint project

VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) became a partner of Nomad Life insurance company in the implementation of Zoloto Nomadov, a software product similar to deposits with a yield of up to 3.26% in US dollars for a period of 3 to 10 years.
Lucrative, convenient and reliable - VTB Bank Kazakhstan and Nomad Life launched a joint project

“The bank has a wide branch network throughout the country, high credit ratings confirming our reliability, as well as significant experience of the parent structure, the international VTB Group for working with endowment tools in Russia, where such products have been very popular for several years,” says Aliya Bergaripova, the Managing Director of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan). - We were also attracted by the flexible conditions of the Zoloto Nomadov product which were as close as possible to the conditions of deposits and its uniqueness for the Kazakhstan market. This is the only cumulative instrument in Kazakhstan which is tax free and maximum similar to deposit in structure. Zoloto Nomadov is available in all branches of VTB Bank in the country, including for other banks customers. The contract is formed on the same day, all you need is to present your ID and fill out an application. The world trend of weakening currencies against the US dollar and low interest rates of banks deposits not exceeding 1% in foreign currency makes Kazakhstanis looking for more profitable sources of investment. Among those who responded to the demands of the market is the leading company in the life insurance market, Nomad Life LIC JSC. Thus, for example, if you invest 50 thousand dollars for three years in Zoloto Nomadov by the end of the term, you will receive 53,524 US dollars, and for the period of up to 10 years the amount will already be 68,805 USD. The longer the term, the higher is the rate of return."


The product has other benefits. In addition to high profitability, it is an insurance coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the world. It is an opportunity to pre-arrange money and interest on investments to your heirs. It is also a protection of funds from publicity, third party claims, the division of property, declaration, arrest, and confiscation. If necessary, a client can terminate the contract and receive a certain amount with no loss after the first year of using the product. Besides, you can get a loan in Nomad Life of up to 80% of the invested amount at a low interest rate in tenge on the security of your insurance policy.

“The goal of the joint project of VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) and Nomad Life is to help Kazakhstani people to save and grow their savings at the most comfortable conditions. Life insurance investments are as popular as bank deposits in Europe. The Europeans keep their so-called “long money”, a long-term capital, in insurance organizations. Bank deposits are used to finance current, “today”, expenses and savings in life insurance companies, for example, to pay for children's education in universities, or ensure big-budget purchases in the future. Moreover, the banks are the financial institutions that primarily promote these ideas. Banks become the "financial supermarkets" in which customers can form a full-fledged portfolio of their investments. Considering the new realities of work in the industry, which have been formed after the changes in tax and insurance legislation, we are confident that our project has a great future,” says Ramai Kurbangaliyev, Sales and Regional Development Director at Nomad Life.

You can learn about the Zoloto Nomadov program in more detail and submit your application at

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