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Insurance programs with protection against critical diseases is a reliable safety cushion

Critical diseases are a serious problem of contemporary world. These diseases include cancer, heart attack, stroke and other diseases the consequences of which are hard-to-treat. Unfortunately, the problem of critical diseases is not given enough attention in Russia. Often people do not resort to official medicine until serious symptoms appear, and they do not realize the importance of early diagnosis, writes.
Insurance programs with protection against critical diseases is a reliable safety cushion

Author: Vladimir Chernikov (general director of the Ingosstrakh-Life insurance company, Russia)

Critical diseases are a serious problem of contemporary world. These diseases include cancer, heart attack, stroke and other diseases, the consequences of which are hard-to-treat. Unfortunately, in Russia the problem of critical diseases is not given enough attention. Often people do not resort to official medicine until serious symptoms appear, and they do not realize the importance of early diagnosis.

Medical diagnostics today is an accurate tool for determining the risks of developing diseases even in a healthy person. The technical capabilities of the equipment allow perform an early diagnosis and take preventive measures that toss off the disease progress. Often these can be simple recommendations to change some habits that only slightly adjust the daily lifestyle. If the disease is detected in a timely manner, it is much more likely to be treated early. To understand how acute the problem is, just look at the official statistics. According to the Ministry of Health of Russia, in 2017 at least 3.5 million people were registered with oncology institutions. This is almost 2.5 percent of the country's population. According to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service data the first place in terms of mortality in Russia turned out to be diseases of the circulatory system (47.8 percent of cases), and on the second - malignant neoplasms (15.6 percent of cases).in 2016, For five years from 2012 to 2017, the level of primary incidence of malignant neoplasms in the country has increased by almost 17.3 percent.

There are also positive statistics: over the same period, mortality from cancer has decreased by more than 3 percent. This is due primarily to the fact that the percentage of detection of malignant neoplasms in the early stages (I and II) has increased. Medicine is constantly evolving, and new methods of diagnosis and treatment are emerging.

Regular complex medical check-ups should become an indispensable part of life for all who want to stay healthy.  The most accessible type of comprehensive examination, medical examination, allows you to get a general picture of the state of the body. However, this kind of diagnosis takes a lot of time due to the need to visit several doctors in the order of the general queue and long waiting for the test results. As a result, rather abstract conclusions about human health are made, difficultly diagnosed diseases are not determined if they have not yet entered the critical stage. To diagnose dangerous diseases at the initial stage, when they are best treated, a more thorough examination is necessary. That is why many insurance programs with protection against critical illnesses include a check-up option. This type of diagnosis is characterized by a more detailed approach and is aimed at identifying changes that may indicate the presence of pathological processes in the organism, including in the early stages. Check-up saves customer’s time, in contrast to the health assessment it can be done in just one day. In addition to disease evaluation in the check-up the diagnosis of all basic health indicators of the organism is included; it allows make a conclusion about the body state at the moment of examination. Upon check-up completion, the client receives a general clinical report and detailed consultation of the doctor about the health status with recommendations for lifestyle changes and aspects that should be taken into account in the first place.

The check-up results allow identify the risk areas in time and take preventive measures before the disease transition to the active stage. It is most beneficial to take saving programs with protection against critical diseases, since they often include regular check-ups. Due to the saving program terms this service will be absolutely free. The insurance company is interested in identifying the disease as early as possible, since this will significantly reduce its costs for the medical treatment of the insured. Therefore, check-ups are conducted in the best private clinics, and after receiving a medical opinion, many insurance companies ask for a second medical opinion, for a full confidence that the diagnosis was correctly made.

Sickness insurance is a financial safety cushion. Depending on the terms of the contract, in case of insurance event the client is guaranteed a cash payment or arranging medical treatment. But regardless of the type of compensation, the insurance policy covers the risks of all major critical diseases, including even such difficult situations as heart valve transplant or restoration, neurosurgical operations or organ transplantation. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of psychological support. When a person learns of his diagnosis, he becomes very vulnerable, so it is extremely important that there is someone nearby who can support and take on organizational issues. The insurance company owns up this function: from the moment of the diagnosis confirmation a personal manager is assigned to the client, who remains in contact during the entire treatment period. He organizes the processes and helps with the solution of all related issues.

Insurance programs save, if not from the disease itself but the expenses associated with its treatment. Often, when it comes to complex cases such as cancer treatment or transplantation of vital organs, it turns out that only a few doctors around the world can perform the operation. People have to go to go to other city or country, air tickets, accommodation and visa fees are added to treatment bills. Without insurance coverage the patient is forced to pay all bills related to treatment independently. The total amount can reach several million rubles.

In most insurance companies, the maximum coverage includes all costs associated with arranging medical treatment, up to interpreter fee, as well as daily expenses for staying abroad. Signing the insurance contract the client can independently choose the coverage size depending on his needs and financial capabilities. If necessary, you can even determine the level of services provided: the minimum category of hotels, the flight class, etc. in advance.

To obtain insurance, you need to determine the objectives of insurance. If the goal is only life and health insurance, then you can choose a budget option and purchase a standard program that covers the necessary risks.

Insurance can also be used as a financial tool to solve the client's economic problems. Savings life insurance schemes also include a protection function against critical diseases. This option of insurance is suitable for those who want to reliably protect not only their health, but also their finances. According to the Russian Federation legislation, at the end of the universal life insurance contract, the customer is guaranteed to receive back all contributions made even in case of insurance event. Life insurance also has a number of legal and tax preferences, such as the possibility of obtaining a tax deduction, targeted transfer of capital, etc.

When signing an insurance contract it is important to remember that an insurance company can only take the risks of future illnesses. Diseases diagnosed at the time of contract conclusion or until the end of the waiting period, which is about 120 days, will not be covered by insurance. Therefore, before insurance contract signing it is better to go through a detailed medical examination in order not to lose the money spent on the insurance premium. It is very important to carefully study all clauses of the contract and examine the risks covered, if necessary, expand the risk list, study in detail the opportunities offered by the insurance company and choose the ones that suit you specifically.


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