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Parliament passed a law on the introduction of online insurance in Kazakhstan

The deputies of the Majilis agreed with the Senate’s amendments to the draft law "On Amendments and Additions to Some Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Insurance and Insurance Activities, the Securities Market".
Parliament passed a law on the introduction of online insurance in Kazakhstan

Thus, the Law is adopted by the Parliament and sent to the head of state for signature.

As reported, the senators have amended the draft law provision in regard to providing the national security authorities with the right to receive information containing the secret of insurance in relation to compulsory legal liability insurance and vehicle owners without the prosecutor sanctions; clarification of the legal status, regulation of activities and requirements for association of actuaries, insurance (reinsurance) organizations, insurance ombudsman; clarification of certain norms concerning the activity of Insurance Payments Guarantee Fund; correct statement of the norms regulating the retention by the insurer a part of the insurance premium in the early termination of the contract of compulsory insurance of civil liability of the carrier before passengers and civil liability of vehicle owners.

In general, the document provides for a change in five main areas: the introduction of online insurance; change of approaches to insurance of Kazakhstani people going abroad; introduction of imputed insurance; improvement of mechanism of dispute resolution through the expansion of the insurance ombudsman functions. The Chairman of the National Bank Daniyar Akishev noted that the issue of accessibility of financial services in the regions, first of all outside the regional centers and in the countryside, is acute in Kazakhstan.

"Our goal is to create conditions for citizens receiving remote insurance services. The individuals and businesses will be able to enter into contracts through the Internet without visiting the office of the insurance company and brokering agents. The conditions, when residents of remote settlements do not need to go to the regional center for an insurance policy or apply for intermediary services will be created. In the long term, the absence of intermediaries will lead to reduction in the insurance cost”, Akishev explained.

As for changing the scheme of tourism insurance, it is expected to change insurance of liability of the tour operator to insurance of the tourist who travels abroad.

"The tour operator when selling a voucher is required to issue an insurance certificate to the tourist. The insurance certificate will specify the data of international companies that organize access to medical services abroad around the clock. In case of insurance event abroad, the insurance company will bear medical fees, emergency medical care and repatriation. The cost of insurance for the tour operator will be low, about 320-330 tenge per day. The insurance coverage will be from 3 to 16 million tenge", the head of the National Bank noted.

Introduction of imputed insurance, in his opinion, "will allow both the insurance company and its client to provide for the flexible insurance conditions in the contract".

"The fourth direction is the expansion of the insurance ombudsman activity to settle disputes in the insurance market. The insurance ombudsman powers will cover all types of insurance. Currently, its powers extend only to the insurance of car owner liability. Disputes of individuals and small businesses will be considered. The amounts of disputes are from 10 thousand monthly calculated indicators to 24 million tenge. This limit is established based on international experience", Akishev specified.

As for introduction of an additional guarantee of insurance payments for socially important life insurance products, the draft law provides for guarantee of retirement annuities and annuities for workers who have lost their ability to work by Insurance Payments Guarantee Fund.


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