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Страхование работников от несчастных случаев

The number of victims of accidents at work decreases every year. According to the data from Statistics Committee, in 2016 this number was 2034 people, which is 11.8% less than in 2015. At the same time, the number of deaths decreased by only 1.7%, to 225 people in 2016. The material consequences of accidents for the year decreased by 12.3%, to 1.3 billion tenge.
Insurance companies collected premiums on compulsory employee insurance against accidents by 13.2% more than a year earlier

The Ministry of Labor and Social Care of the RK gives slightly different figures: the number of accidents at work for 2016 is 1683 people (in 2015 - 1723 people). For 5 months of 2017, their number was 621 people (for comparison, in January-May 2016 - 652). Positive dynamics is also observed in the number of deaths in the workplace.

During the three quarters of 2017, the number of victims in the industry, according to the MLSC data, increased by 0.6% year-on-year, to 1,193 people. Out of these, 172 people with fatal outcome (10.9% less than a year earlier), including 12 women (50% more than in 2016).

Among the regions, the highest level of injuries in the Pavlodar region is 159 people (+ 5.3%). East Kazakhstan is followed with 141 people (-11.3%), Karaganda region is third with 140 people (-7.3%).

Insurance of workers against accidents in the performance of work (service) duties is one of the types of compulsory insurance in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The volume of collected premiums for this type of insurance for January-November 2017 reached 41 billion tenge, which is 13.2% more than the same period last year. In addition, the share of this type of insurance has increased from the total volume of compulsory insurance - from 43.1% to 45.2%.

The volume of insurance payments increased by 15.7%, to 6.3 billion tenge. The share of payments for mandatory employee insurance against accidents in the total amount of payments for compulsory insurance also increased - from 20.6% to 22.5%.

The largest amount of premiums in the sector for 11 months of 2017 was collected by the insurance company Halyk-Life - 8.3 billion tenge, 13.9% more than last year. The TOP-3 also includes Nomad Life - 7.1 billion tg (+ 9.8% per year) and the Oil Insurance Company - 4.2 billion tg (+ 21.2%).

The leader in the volume of insurance payments is Nomad Life - 1.2 billion tenge (+ 8.7% per year). On the second place is Kazkommerts-Polis - 912.5 million tenge (61.3% per year), then Eurasia - 891.3 million tenge (-8%).


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