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Attention, children! Parents for record

Children’s injuries and health problems make up most of the summer appeals to insurance companies. Unlike adults about 80% of accidents with children are the result of needless tragedies; and parents can prevent them. How exactly? Some advice from Inna Belyanskaya, a member of the MetLife Board in Ukraine, writes
Attention, children! Parents for record

1. Use car seats and seat belts. In summer we travel a lot by car and take our children with us. Car accident is the main and most terrible cause of persistent loss of health, or a child's disability as a result of injuries. Young pedestrians, teenagers on bicycles, and children of careless car owners become victims of accidents.

I travel every day from the suburbs to Kiev and back. And I constantly see young bicyclists without helmets and protection. There are a lot of them in summer. But even more often, 3-4 times a day, and also in warm season mostly, I see unbuckled children in cars; or even worse: moms with babies in their arms sitting on the front seats, with their backs to the windshield.

Every day I feel fear for these children and genuine anger towards their parents. No, I do not want to teach them life. And even more I do not want them to be taught by life. Insurers know how hard and expensive a child’s recovery and rehabilitation after an accident is. And we also know: there are losses that cannot be compensated by any insurance payment. Just trust us: helmets and protection, seat belts and restraints for children were invented by people who knew the value of children's life.

2. Be careful by the water. Summer is the seas and rivers, swimming pools and water parks, i.e. all the risks are associated with water. Security rules are well known, but some parents simply do not attach importance to them. You should watch the child every minute of his stay on the beach. You must be near the child. You must be able to provide first aid on the water. And it should be noted: water is not only the sea, it is any large unclosed reservoir, and the dacha pool is no exception.

Besides, other risks are associated with outing on the water: for example, sunburn or heat strokes. These problems arise just for those who actively bathe and sunbathe. But adults experience them much easier, and a child with sunstroke may need an emergency call, and 7-10 days of treatment after a burn or overheating.

3. Think about injury insurance. It would seem that such insurance is not the must-have thing for summer; after all, it does not prevent possible trouble. I 100% agree: the insurance policy will not save you from a bruise, fracture or summer food poisoning. But it can save your summer plans, and, in the end, give much more than just money for treatment. How exactly? A simple example:

The first day of June, school children play ball in the yard. One of the young players awkwardly falls and gets a fractured arm. Emergency room, X-ray, a cast, control visits to the doctor, physiotherapy; more than three weeks and 6 thousand hryvnia for treatment. Parents have another concern: a trip to the sea is canceled, and the money for it cannot be returned in full. It is possible to plan a vacation again, but the budget for this, especially after the hospitals, is not enough.

Imagine the child’s feelings: a third of summer in a cast, and a sea trip is cancelled. The insurance against accident will help. In a situation with a young athlete, it's slightly more than 14 thousand hryvnia. It is a lot or not? For the boy and his family, as it turned out, it is enough. But what important is that the cast was removed a couple of days ago. And in the coming days there will be a sea, his mother has already bought tickets.

In Kazakhstan, children can be insured against accidents, injuries, illnesses, including for summer, in the life insurance companies.


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