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Wish to save funds for education of a child abroad? It is easy!

One of the most important tasks for parents is not just to raise a child, but also to provide him with an opportunity to get a good education. Just like at all times, a good education serves as a "springboard", helping to rise in its social status and achieve material prosperity. The diploma of a prestigious university will open up completely different prospects for the child and significantly increase his chances of finding a highly paid job. After all, a person who has received a good education always and everywhere will be in demand. It's not a secret for anyone that teaching children, especially abroad, is expensive. And not every parent can fully pay for education on a pocket.
Wish to save funds for education of a child abroad? It is easy!

“The wonderful thing about education is that no one can take it from you.”

BB King

The price

How much does it cost to study in the world's most famous alma mater for foreign applicants? The most expensive universities are in the UK and the US, in the international rankings of universities; these countries always take the upper hand. The prestige of such institutions attracts students from all over the world here and justifies the high cost of training. However, recently universities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand successfully compete with the leaders of ratings, using the price advantage. The cost of training at universities in these countries is about one-third cheaper than in the US or England.

In Europe, education in schools or universities is much lower than in the US, with a good price / quality ratio. Training in English at the universities of the Netherlands or Spain costs from 4,000 to 9,000 euros per year. And in some countries free training for foreign students or very low cost (about 1000 euros per year) is saved.

In Russia, despite the fact that higher education is far from Western standards, the cost of study in universities is higher than in Europe. Meanwhile, in the international rankings of the best universities in the world, Russia is represented much worse not only by Great Britain and the USA, Western Europe, Canada and Australia, but also by countries of South-East Asia and Eastern Europe.


Average cost of training for foreigners per year, USD


15 000- 45 000


6 000 - 32 000


12 000 - 42 000


14 000 - 40 000


2 000 - 8 000


1 700


1 000 - 2 000


300 - 700


1 700 - 12 000

What situation is in our country?

Education in universities in Kazakhstan cannot be called cheap either. For example, the leader of the National rating of multidisciplinary universities - L. Gumilev Eurasian National University - offers to obtain a bachelor's degree at a cost of 780 thousand to 800 thousand tenge. One year of training in the best technical university in the country - Kazakh-British Technical University - costs from 1 million 440 thousand tenge to 1 million 800 thousand tenge. In the best humanitarian and economic university in Kazakhstan - the KIMEP University - education costs from 2 million 500 thousand to 2 million 900 thousand tenge. The first place in the National rating of medical universities is occupied by S.D. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, studying here will cost you from 570 thousand to 847 thousand tenge. In Nazarbayev University since 2016 paid studying has been introduced - on average, the education here on the bachelor's program is 18 375 -21 000 dollars.

Where can I get money for a prestigious university?

Children are growing, and every year the needs and expenses of the family are increasing. How to collect the necessary amount for the child's education? Perhaps the best option is to start saving money for education as early as possible.

One of the financial instruments that allow you to accumulate money in the long term is accumulative life insurance. Life insurance companies develop special programs that allow you to accumulate the necessary capital by a certain date, for example, to the age of the child or to the age when he graduates from school. Such programs guarantee the formation of capital for payment of training, regardless of the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances. The programs allow not only drawing up a savings plan and organizing a family budget, but also provide financial protection against disability or death of a parent. To ensure that economic factors and inflation risks do not have a big impact on your savings, programs are developed where you can accumulate capital in foreign currency, for example, in dollars.

If you have the opportunity to give your child a good education, be sure to use it. After all, the most profitable contribution is to invest in your education and in the education of your children. In the near future, the funds you invested will pay off with a vengeance when your child becomes a sought-after specialist and will receive a prestigious job. 


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