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What is the best present on March 8?

The editors of have prepared a list of gifts, among which there will definitely be one that meets the expectations of your other half.
What is the best present on March 8?

Last year, conducted a survey and made an anti-rating of things that women would not like to see as a gift. For example, most women are against kitchen gifts. A nice saucepan or new mixer are certainly practical gifts but they don't bring joy. Almost a tenth of the women surveyed would not like to receive clothes as a gift. It is difficult to find the right thing for an already established style. Sweets are also not liked by ladies, as many are concerned about appearance. A flower bouquet is not a welcome gift for all women. Explanations are different: flowers fade quickly, too casual, high cost.


Good photos are a memory for many years. Photos help keep memories. A photo session can be held on a holiday, so the whole day will be spent in a different format.


Florarium is a small tabletop garden, jungle in the glass. Florarium can be bought from a professional florist, or you can make it yourself.

Master Class

A master class tailored to the interests of the recipient - cooking, floristry, dancing, painting, pottery, acting, playing musical instruments or vocal.


Jewelry brings couples together. Jewelry is a win-win option: all women like it, regardless of age, preferences and social class. Same jewelries are suitable for many styles of clothing.


Everyone dreams of such a gift! Depending on your budget, it can be a picnic in the mountains or trip to warm countries.

Horseback riding

You can go on a holiday to a tourist center with stables, or take a certificate for a horse-riding expedition in forest or in the arena.


You can purchase a certificate for a package of procedures or one separate procedure - a certain type of massage, spa treatments for hands, face or feet, or bathing in a phyto-barrel made of different types of wood.

Photos are from open sources.

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