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What injuries children suffer most often in Kazakhstan

Boys get injured 2-3 times more often than girls.
What injuries children suffer most often in Kazakhstan
What injuries children suffer most often in Kazakhstan

Every year in Kazakhstan more than 600 thousand people get injured, among injuries of all focalizations, children's injuries amount to 20%, reports.

According to the research and information center of the "Kompetenz" insurance company, school age children’s injuries can be caused by a variety of reasons: falling from height, household burns, as well as traffic accidents. And, the boys get inured 2-3 times more often than the girls.

A certain seasonal dependence on level and type of injury was revealed: for example, in spring school (41%), household (36%) and street (21%) injuries prevail, and in summer it is mostly sports (up to 40%) with the same high level of household and street injuries. This tendency is related to parents’ desire to occupy their children with profit to their health during a long summer vacation by signing them up to sports activities.

According to the center’s statistics, the greatest number of injuries suffered by children under 14 years of age was registered during the practice in martial arts (boxing, judo, karate, self-defense) - 37.8%; football is in second place - 14%, followed by track and field athletics and gymnastics - 11%, and swimming - 10.5%.

Having analyzed the injuries received by the owners of medical policies from 2014 to 2018, it became clear that the greatest number of complaints was recorded with ankle and foot injuries (including foot fractures, sprains, stretches, open wounds of the joint and foot area, muscle and tendon injuries), 29% of the total number of injuries, knee and calf injuries account for 21%, wrist and hand injuries - 9.1%, elbow and forearm injuries - 8.5%, as well as injuries of the hip and thigh area - 8.5%, followed by chest injuries - 7.7%, and head trauma - 7.7%, spine trauma - 2%. Hence, it can be concluded that more than half of all injuries received are feet injuries - 58.5%, hands are slightly less injured - 17.6%.

Fractures account for about 14% of all injuries.

To soften the blow for such a case and provide children and adults with better conditions for rehabilitation and financial assistance, Kazakhstani life insurance companies offer insurance services against injuries.

For example, “LIC Kazkommerts-Life” JSC offers such products as: AMULET-LIFE term life insurance program and LIFE-KORGAU one-year accident insurance program, which include additional coverage, insurance benefit in case of bodily injury in an accident. In the first case, anyone at the age from 2 to 65 years old can be insured, and in the LIFE-KORGAU program the age is from 6 to retirement age. Each program has its peculiarities.

JSC “LIC Asia Life” with the "Asia-Korgau" program provides insurance coverage in case of emergency related to health and life of children and adults from 2 to 65 years of age.

JSC LIC “Nomad Life" has developed the "Active Child" program, a private accident insurance. The program gives protection for KZT1,000,000 throughout the year. The insurance policy can be issued for any child at the age from 7 to 17 years old by the moment contract conclusion that does not have serious health problems.


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