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Benefits of voluntary health insurance

Voluntary health insurance (VHI) not only allows get timely qualified medical care but also get reimbursement for costs of treatment and medicines. Client’s health problems will be resolved any time, regardless of his current financial situation.
Benefits of voluntary health insurance

There are currently a number of VHI programs on the Kazakhstani market, including those covering critical illnesses and rehabilitation as a result of these illnesses. “Health insurance allows use a wide range of medical services, both on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad. In our opinion, everyone needs health insurance, as it covers events that are not covered with the guaranteed free medical care,” said Gulmira Ubegaliyeva, the Board Chairman of Eurasia Life Insurance Company.

The flexibility of health insurance programs allows insured employees to choose the clinic themselves focusing on the proximity to home or work, availability of necessary specialists and other factors. “The following service scheme is offered to insured clients: direct access medical institutions conveniently located in various city areas, where the primary admission is carried out by the family doctor, who, if necessary, will refer the patient for further laboratory and instrumental examinations or consultation with a narrow specialist,” the Board Chairman of JSC Life Insurance Company Centras Kommesk Life Gulzhan Dzhaksymbetova clarifies.

Dzhaksymbetova says that a VHI policy is necessary for anyone who takes care about their health or has a predisposition to any diseases, as well who would like to receive medical care that meets their expectations: “It is worth noting that the insurer monitors the quality of treatment and the volume of services provided”.

Value of the matter

Three factors have a major impact on the cost of a health insurance package:

Whether the package is purchased as group or individual insurance (purchasing a group insurance package is usually cheaper);

The coverage (the wider the list of covered services and the higher the limits for the selected services, the more expensive it is);

The age and current health condition of the insured.

“The average cost per insured in corporate health insurance packages is about 90-100 thousand tenge,” the LIC Eurasia executive notes.

Basically, VHI products are in demand among the corporate sector. This applies to large foreign and domestic companies, in which insurance of their employees in case of illness has become an integral part of their social policy. “Caring for our employees speaks of a high level of corporate culture in these companies, besides, medical insurance minimizes time spent on visiting doctors, reduces costs related to disability and sick leave payments, and also serves as an excellent motivation for employees,” emphasizes the LIC Centras Kommesk Life executive.

How to choose a VHI policy

Health insurance is selected based on personal needs and budget. Usually, the more expensive the insurance, the more options it contains. “You should choose depending on your needs. If there are no health problems, then you can choose a more cost-effective option. And if you regularly need any examinations and tests, you should take a policy with a wider coverage, that is, you need to decide on a list of services for yourself,” says Gulzhan Dzhaksymbetova.

Before the conclusion, the insurer will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire. False information may become the reason for the VHI contract invalidation in case of insured event occurrence. “The standard VHI package includes the services of a round-the-clock coordination service, emergency medical care, outpatient care, home care, that is, consultations of a family doctor and nurse's patronage on doctor’s orders, dental services, medicines, preventive examinations”, - explains the interlocutor.

The list of extra services includes nursing of children under 1 year old, prenatal care and obstetric aid, rehabilitation measures and more.


People in Kazakhstan buy VHI policies so they can get access to good clinics, qualified doctors and good quality services. The relationship between medical centers, clinics and insurance companies is usually well adjusted, no incidents have been observed. “When buying a policy, first of all, you need to note how reliable the insurance organization is (size of charter capital, international rating, compliance with prudential standards) and whether it is able to fulfill its obligations. It is also important to know what organization provides medical assistance, as this affects how quickly and efficiently the medical service is provided,” advises Gulmira Ubegaliyeva.

The Board Chairman of LIC Centras Kommesk Life recommends to study the policy and learn about insurance coverage, that is, the amount within which the client is able to receive medical services. “You also need to study the list of restrictions associated with socially significant (tuberculosis, HIV, chronic viral hepatitis) and critical (oncology) diseases that are not covered by insurance. Oncology insurance is a separate program with a higher cost,” the speaker concludes.

You also should bear in mind that insurance coverage will not start the next day after the execution of the contract, as, for example, in the case with obligatory legal liability, but after 10-14 days, so the cases of insurance fraud are excluded.

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