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Employers do not cut corporate health insurance costs

A new strain of coronavirus Delta is becoming dominant in many countries worldwide. Against this background, corporate clients of insurance companies have begun to show an increasing interest in voluntary health insurance (VHI). Thus, LIC premiums in case of illness increased by 23.3% in May against 17.7% in April (year-on-year). The total amount of fees was 804.4 million tenge. LIC KM Life is the leader in this segment (87.4% of premiums). The company’s press service spoke about the medical insurance benefits.
Employers do not cut corporate health insurance costs

KM Life remains the largest player among life insurance companies. By the end of May, the organization collected 703.1 million tenge. LIC EIC is in the second place, and Freedom Finance Life is the third large company.

“Voluntary health insurance is currently a prerogative of corporate clients, a social package component, one of the most effective motivational tools to attract and retain professional staff. This type of insurance is mainly used by company employees, top and middle managers, business owners, as well as their family members,” they inform in KM Life.

A voluntary medical insurance agreement is a guarantee and ability to comprehensively solve any health issues, both for an individual employee and the entire team of an organization, provide daily medical care at a reasonable price with a guarantee of reimbursement of costs for medical care received by the employee in the amount chosen and specified by the medical program insurance contract.

“The VHI system provides an individual approach, the ability to get paid medical services of high quality in the required volume (a full range of instrumental and diagnostic examinations) in the shortest possible time and without long waits and queues,” the company representatives explain.

The VHI policy carries a package of extra services as follows:

- Coordination of the insured;

- Treatment cost overage (up to the limit) including drugs;

- Outpatient care in a good private clinic, infirmary, VIP and business class clinics;

- Hospitalization in a superior ward;

- Dentistry.

“Control of examinations and appointments, continuous monitoring of the patient's health is carried out during inpatient treatment. By purchasing a VHI package, employers provide their employees with high quality services on organization of a prompt medical care and dispute settlement in medical institutions, which allows organizing not only emergency medical care but also routine medical care throughout the country,” the KM Life press service emphasizes.

Constant working with partners allows insurers to offer their customers medical care in medical facilities that guarantee high level customer service.

The voluntary health insurance policy must include:

- 24/7 support on medical care issues;

- Emergency medical care;

- Advice of family therapist (GP or pediatrician) and highly specialized doctors;

- Outpatient care;

- Dental care;

- Provision of medicaments;

- Inpatient treatment due to medical reasons;

- Massage;

- Traditional physiotherapy;

- Physical therapy exercises;

- Various preventive examinations in accordance with industry requirements, an expanded range of laboratory and instrumental examinations.

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