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East Kazakhstan is one of the leading regions in the industrial accidents rating

Almost every tenth injured died, according to
East Kazakhstan is one of the leading regions in the industrial accidents rating

According to the results of 2018, 197 accidents were registered at the enterprises of the East Kazakhstan region, 19 of them were fatal. It is one of the highest rates of industrial injuries in the country.

Leaders in occupational injuries

According to the Statistics Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, there were 1,424 accidents at work in the country last year, and 1,600 people were injured. Every fifth or sixth employee works in hazardous conditions and every year about a thousand people become disabled due to work injuries or illnesses in Kazakhstan.

East Kazakhstan region has for a number of years been at the top of the ranking of the most traumatic areas of the republic, where the number of industrial accidents is one of the highest in the country. Karaganda, Pavlodar and Kostanay regions, where industrial production and mining are most developed are also on this list.  

Lethal risk

According to Tokhtarbek Tusupbayev, the head of department on labor legislation control in Semey, in 2018, 57 work accidents were registered in Semey, five of which were fatal.

“These incidents were recorded at KEREM EQUIPMENT LTD, Semey railroad section of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy National Company JSC, Dostar-2010 LLP, and Comfort Technology LLP. As experience shows, the most traumatic enterprises in the region are building material production sites, construction sites, transportation by all transport means, as well as mining enterprises,” explained Tokhtarbek Tusupbayev during a recent briefing.

According to him, two fatal casualties took place on the railway of Semey region last year. At the Degelen crossing near Kurchatov, the truck driver made a collision with the train. In another case, the assistant train driver was fatally wounded when, during a short stop, while another train was passing by, he was checking the engine.

“Accidents quite often occur in KEREM EQUIPMENT LTD. This company is engaged in cargo transportation of coal from the territory of Karazhyra mine to Semey coal depots. There is no year free from accident in this company,” said Tokhtarbek Tusupbayev.

Following the rules

As the chairman of the Coordination council of craft unions in the Semey region, Serik Ibrayev notes, production commissions from administration and staff should work at each enterprise.

“These commissions investigate every accident with a mild degree of disability. More serious incidents are investigated with participation of specialists from the labor legislation control department at various levels and law enforcement agencies,” said the expert.

By the way, according to the briefing participants, it is extremely important to find out the degree of guilt of each of the parties: the employer and the injured. This issue plays a key role in litigation for compensation for work ability loss.

However, even before the medical social commission determines the severity of disability and assigns a disability group to the injured, the officials of enterprises are brought to criminal, administrative and disciplinary responsibility.

According to information provided by Kairat Zhokebayev, the state inspector of the labor law control department in Semey, only in 2018 16 Semey enterprises were brought to administrative responsibility. Of these, 10 organizations received a warning, and six were sentenced by the city administrative court to fines totaling about 469 thousand tenge (195 MCI).



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