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Trans-Urals resident "died" for a year to get insurance coverage

Scammers tried to become rich by almost 5 million rubles at the expense of the insurance company, reports
Trans-Urals resident "died" for a year to get insurance coverage

In April last year, the Ketovskoye police department received a statement from a woman about the loss of her partner. She said that he’d hone fishing on the Tobol River, and she did not hear from him since.  The rescuers were sent in search of the missing fisherman, they found the missing man's belongings and clothes.

During the investigation, law enforcement officials noted that a resident of the Trans-Ural region owed more than 2 million rubles to the banks, and his life and health were insured for 4.7 million rubles.

This February the "missing" man was accidentally found in the house of his civil partner in the Lesnikovo village. Not only he was not dead, but he was quite healthy. He pretended to be dead the whole year for insurance. A criminal investigation on fraud was opened.

The documents have been sent to the court. The prosecutor intends to request a 6-year imprisonment for accused.

Insurance scam is a very common offense in Russia. Sometimes people take risky actions for money. A woman in Kuban set fire to her own house for money, having previously insured it for 600 thousand rubles. During the investigation it was found that before the arson, the owner of the wooden real estate had disconnected electrical appliances and gas equipment and transferred valuable items to the neighbors for storage. She will have to bear criminal responsibility for fraud and arson.


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