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Cirque du Soleil: a very high-level life and health insurance system

"Cirque du Soleil" pays our insurance policies during rehearsals and performances. But since all of our artists also train at home, we all additionally insure our lives", said the circus artist Mary Wolfe-Nilsson in her interview with during the tour in EXPO in Astana last year.
Cirque du Soleil: a very high-level life and health insurance system

As previously reported in another interview for by choreographer, director and scriptwriter for Cirque du Soleil Pavel Bryun, a special system of social insurance and life and health insurance of a very high level was created for artists.  "The company is doing everything to make sure they are as less distracted as possible for any life aspects and spend as much time as possible for preparation for the show," he said.

Last year "Cirque du Soleil" turned 33 years. The show Reflect, which people of Kazakhstan were lucky to see, relies on human energy in the context of energy of future. In order to write the script, the director of "Cirque du Soleil" had to study the history of the Saks.

Work in the circus can only be compared with professional sports: if you do not keep your figure and do not work out your muscles, there is a high probability of injury. The advantages of every "Cirque du Soleil" artist is that here you can emphasize your individual qualities in a very advantageous way. Even if we talk about weird shoulders and legs, which suddenly take unnatural for a person forms. The circus has made a long way since there were trucks and tents, but this world still exists and remains in the heart of every artist. All the show acts in "Cirque du Soleil" are usually prepared for several months or even years.

Mary Wolf-Nilsson and Tyce Nielsen had very little time to prepare, so they had to trust each other right away. Young people convinced themselves that everything would be fine, and together they stepped into the abyss. Toward the performance end, they fly off the scene horizon kissing. Few people know that they do not have to play passion, because they are husband and wife. People stand up and applaud enthusiastically, seeing how sincerely and tender Tice kisses Mary's lips.

- Tell us, how long have you been married and how did you meet?

Tyce: “The "Cirque du Soleil" introduced us to each other. It will be six years as we have been married this August.

- What roles do you perform in the show?

Tyce: - We are both aerial gymnasts. I am also engaged in the hill show and the act with a big wheel. My wife participates with me, we perform aerial acrobatics.

- Your profession is inherently connected with risk. Disclose the secret, what helps you to endure the danger, as many of your circus acts are free of safety wires?

Mary: - Since we are married, we very much trust each other. Basically I trust my husband, because he throws me high in the air and catches. Yes, there were dangerous moments, we even fell down, but we managed. If someone told me that I would participate in the act with another person, I would refuse. I cannot trust anyone with my life except the person I love. Besides, I would like to reveal a little secret: "Cirque du Soleil" pays our insurance policies during rehearsals and performances. But since all of our artists also train at home, we all additionally insure our lives.

The audience of "Cirque du Soleil" gets into different worlds and different shows; they see a lot of acrobatic tricks. Performances of "Cirque du Soleil" in 2017 are completely different from those in the 1980s. Today they take place in incredible very expensive theaters with technologies that have been developed specifically for this purpose. People who do not like competitions and dry sport scoring are gathered under the dome of this circus. On the contrary, they are into passion, fire, ovation, flying in the air, and chance for an act with no safety wire, that makes people hearts stop.

However, the artists would not have agreed on that if they had not been insured. Therefore, each and every artist performance is insured. For example, it was reported that OJSIC Ingosstrakh became the official partner of Cirque du Soleil show, which took place in Moscow on February 4, 2012 in the State Kremlin Palace.

One of the rules of the circus is that the artists get a full medical coverage. Regardless of the country which the show is on tour in, the artist has the opportunity to refer to a polyclinic or a hospital. The spouses of artists who have been on the tour for more than six months enjoy the same privileges.


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