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Five tips from a doctor on how to lose weight after childbirth

Yekaterina Sobolevskaya, a psychotherapist and weight loss specialist at the Doctor Bormental clinic, told RIA Novosti how to get back in shape after giving birth and what a healthy diet should be.
Five tips from a doctor on how to lose weight after childbirth

During lactation period a woman cannot severely limit herself in nutrition, as milk is formed, and it must be saturated with nutrients. Getting back in shape is good but the child's health is an absolute priority. When lactation is over, there will be more opportunities: you can both calculate the daily calorie intake and experiment with diets.

Tip #1: don't be an emotional eater

During lactation calorie intake can be reduced by avoiding sweets.

“Women often try to eat their fatigue, social isolation and lifestyle change with something tasty. Their husbands and relatives also unconsciously “help” by buying sweets in order to please, though the best support would be to give the woman the opportunity to be out of home more often. It distracts attention, allows you to switch, and gives more positive emotions,” says Yekaterina Sobolevskaya.

Tip #2: how much protein you need

The diet should include meat, poultry, fish and seafood, at least 200 grams ready-made per day. When it comes to lactation period, one should be careful with seafood and fish as they can cause an allergic reaction, both in the woman herself and her child.

Tip #3: 450 grams per day

Keep track of the amount of vegetables and fruits in your diet, there should be 450 grams of them per day. This is the WHO recommendation for people who are losing weight and women who are breastfeeding. You should focus on vegetables, and fruit should be seasonal and local, for example, apples.

Tip #4: bread is allowed  

Be sure to include complex carbohydrates in your diet such as cereals, durum wheat pasta, potatoes and, depending on the health condition, rye or rye-wheat bread. There should be 300-350 grams of these products in finished form per day.

Tip #5: when to eat

There should be at least five meals, since the time of wakefulness is immediately long after childbirth in women, and, as a rule, there is a chronic lack of sleep.

“It is best to eat every three hours. The best approach is when a woman breastfeeds the baby then eats. First of all, it allows replenish the woman's nutrients in the body, for the production of milk, secondly, it supports her physical strength and, thirdly, it still allows her to lose weight,” Yekaterina Sobolevskaya recommends.

Weight loss may not happen quickly, but a drastic weight loss after childbirth, during breastfeeding, can be harmful.


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