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10 most strange insurance policies in history

There are many strange things which people are being insured in the whole world against. From another's child or "refusal" of the bride at the altar. There are events of insurance against prohibition law and alien abduction. There are often situations in insurance practice, when people want to insure themselves from the risks associated with bad weather on vacation. And some devotees of exclusive alcohol are willing to pay out large sums to ensure security of their wine collection. Insurers say that an exception to the general rules is possible, if it is an issue of unique value or health.
10 most strange insurance policies in history

1. Ring under special supervision

One of the clients of a well-known international company purchased a unique jewelry ring by Harry Winston in Miami, which is worth of 650,000 US dollars as a gift to his wife. Like any valuables of this category, the ring was insured in relation to a specific address, where it should be kept in a safe for at least 240 days per year. Also, the finishing and engineering systems of the facility, where the safe was located, were insured. It was a country house in that situation. Under the terms of the contract, security and fire alarms were installed in the room where the ring was kept. The things you have to do to your beloved!

2. Stradivarius violin

However, such rules are not always kept. Let’s take a unique instrument - the Stradivarius violin – as an example, which is among the most valuable specimens created within 1700-1720, in the era of the “golden Stradivarius”. The owner asked to insure it without binding to a specific territory. This is told by the Chief of the VIP-clients insurance department of Ingosstrakh, Irina Ponomareva.

Taking into account of the historical and cultural value of the instrument, the company has provided it with insurance coverage. At the same time, the special surcharge rates, which are characteristic for such programs, were not applied to the object of insurance.

3. Third party liability insurance for the Rolls-Royce

There are absolutely non-standard situations even in such "trivial" types as motor vehicle liability insurance. Once, the owner of a vehicle of Rolls-Royce Ghost brand appealed to the insurer with a request to insure the car for a short period of time. The car was always in the garage, but had to leave it only for 1 evening to deliver the owner for an important dinner.

4. Wine collection

Insurance of products and drinks is not always included into the standard practice of insurance companies, but for a number of clients, exceptions are still made. Once, one company insured a collection of wine, located in a specially equipped wine cellar in the country house of one of the customers. The insurance program should have covered for losses incurred in the event of damage or loss of the property due to fire or illegal actions of third parties, provided that the insured event occurred with the insured house itself and the property located in it. 

5. A cat - on the armchair, tablet - on the floor

But insurance of telephones, smartphones and other gadgets from breakdowns has become firmly established in the practice of domestic insurers. Payments in this form of insurance happen quite often and for the most unpredictable reasons. For example, the phone can be broken or even bite by a child, and the tablet can be broken by a cat. Such cases are really frequent and insurance companies compensate customers for losses.

The director of personal property insurance department of "AlfaStrakhovanie" - Irina Karnaeva – has shared her experience: "According to one of the gadgets insurance program, we have paid compensation only on the basis of certificates from the competent authorities. The client called to the police and told that his child had broken his phone. The certificate was submitted to us. As a result, the customer got compensation".

6. Leak-proofness got into trouble

But another client of the company did not get anything. A girl has decided to check whether the phone is leak-proof, as it is said in the advertisement that it keeps water out. Words from the application of the insured: “I checked the phone for leaks, it was not leak-proof, it was flooded with liquid”. The insurer refused to pay. So unfair advertising is!

7. Perfect weather

Insurance against bad weather is not uncommon. It is often included into a travel insurance policy. But people can insure this risk separately. For example, you have waited for six months for a vacation, and rains have started pouring on a warm coast. Compensation regarding this event will follow immediately, as soon as you bring a local newspaper to the insurer reporting on rainfall or a hurricane.

8. Fall from a camel

Accident insurance during travelling – it is a not less useful thing, which allows you to protect yourself from the most incredible surprises.

So a woman at the age of 55 applied to the service department of AlfaStrakhovaniye with a sob story. In Cyprus, during an excursion on donkeys, she fell from an animal. According to eyewitnesses (grandson and grandmother), donkeys demonstrated inadequate behavior, the animals were scared by something, as a result of such "panic", more than 20 people were injured, who fell from donkeys on each other.

9. Banana-flavored insurance

Or there was an event that reminded more an anecdote - a man in the age of 33 applied to the same service: when staying in Thailand, he broke his tooth when he ate a banana. The insurance company paid compensation to this injured man.

10. Pantheon from the Mars and the asphalt of Putin

Quite an extraordinary insurance event happened with a client of "Soglassiye" - during the cruise he went crazy. So, the man stated to others that he is a pantheon from the Mars and the cruise ship belonged to him. He also claimed that Vladimir Putin directed him to a cruise, instructing to asphalt the World Ocean. The insurance company did not wait until he fulfilled the President's order, and sent him to the hospital for treatment.

How they do this? World experience

Some foreign companies insure customers against raising of prices for gasoline. For 20 Euros per year the insurer undertakes to reimburse additional costs if the price for gasoline raise more than by 15%.

Do not you want to insure yourself against accidentally slamming of the door? For totally 18 Euros per year one of the known European companies undertakes to compensate up to 100 Euros, which will spent on a call of a team of rescuers and purchasing of the new door-lock.

But the Hullberry company compensates for the time lost, paying 75 Euros, if you get stuck in the elevator. To be honest, it is a doubtful profit, because such insurance costs 12-28 euros per year, and the probability of getting stuck in the elevator is very small.

You can also insure yourself against failure in the lottery. If you played it at least 52 times and have never won anything, you will get 2.5 thousand Euros from the insurer. Chances for payment - 1: 4900, which is not bad, given that the chances of winning the grand prize in the lottery of six figures are 1: 14 million.

The insurance against prohibition law with the cost of only 12 Euros assumes compensation in amount of 500 Euros, if prohibition law will be adopted in the country.

By the way, for the same 12 Euros you can insure yourself against alien abduction. In a contract with one of the European companies whose employees are clearly friendly with a sense of humor, it is said that the premium will be paid, "if the client is abducted by aliens against his will, the will of the signatory." Upon submission of health certificates from doctors and aerospace agencies (!), the "victim" of extraterrestrial intelligence will be paid 5 thousand Euros.

By the way, if you are afraid to be wound up in prison, it makes sense to execute the corresponding insurance contract. Some companies provide this service. It is useful to know: there is also the experience of insurance from a hidden camera. Compensation for such a treacherous interference in personal life is 1000 Euros and more depending on the degree of moral damage.

Well, here our favorite things go! Insurance from the fact that you will be told "no" at the altar (payment of up to 100 Euros) and insurance from someone else's child (payment of 500 Euros). If you do not trust your partner, you can insure yourself against these risks. Of course, the amount is not so great, but it is enough for a few parties with friends.


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