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The Great Britain: fears of society

Her Majesty's subjects are more than ever afraid to lose their jobs, not to pay off their mortgages, get sick, i.e. not to make ends meet and leave their relatives and friends in debt to the armpit, when they are gone.
The Great Britain: fears of society

On top of that all the last governments, both Conservatives and Laborites, had tirelessly repeated that the state would not be able to fully provide its citizens in old age in case of illness or loss of work. And citizens understood the "message": for the last decade of the twentieth century, the share of cost for life insurance and private pension provision increased by six percent in Albion.

So how much is life of the British, according to the price list of insurers? It can be insured from 1 pound 69 pence. In ruble equivalent it is about 81 rubles; this monthly "premium" must be paid to the insurance company. However, such cheap insurance is designed for the youngest and healthiest people with no bad habits or addiction to risky sports, not over toiled and those insured for a certain period only and mot for life. The risk of the insurer is minimized, same as the client's chance to receive insurance. For, sorry for being tactless if he did not die on time, then he would not get a penny back from the insurer.

The insurance market in Britain is various. It is possible to get accidental death insurance, or insurance against incurable disease, personal accident insurance, but a person cannot be insured from suicide. But there are a number of companies that have insured life of the British, and they are ready to pay insurance to his family even if their client voluntarily left his life; provided though, that he did it not the next day after the insurance policy had been issued, but after at least one or two years from the date of insurance policy purchase. Many British companies therefore include in their policies a special article regarding suicides.

It is more trouble than it is worth to swindle with insurers. Suppressing even the most seemingly insignificant data in completing the questionnaires, the client is risking all of his insurance would be declared invalid.

As for possible fraud on the part of insurers, it is practically out of the question. The system of citizens’ appeals in case of claims to the insurance company is developed in such a perfect manner that the need to appeal to courts is minimized. There are at least three competent authorities, including the ombudsman, which in due time review citizens’ claims and make unfair insurers pay the debts to the clients.

The absence of insurance does not mean, however, that if the British person has suffered loss of his health or property, he remains set adrift; quite the contrary.

In Albion there are dozens of organizations and legal offices designed to provide compensation to the victims. Lawyers take all the trouble on themselves and receive a percentage of the amount paid to the victim. Many law firms guarantee that if compensation is not received by the client, then he will not owe anything to his intermediary lawyers.

In case of major accidents and disasters, the court obliges the responsible company, if it is determined, to pay compensation to all citizens, regardless of whether they have insurance. So, the railway companies had to pay compensation to the families of the dead and injured passengers more than once.

In some cases, compensation is paid by the state. The Organization for compensation of injuries from criminal acts paid British citizens injured in the London terrorist attack (52 people killed, about 800 injured) for the damage committed from the treasury funds the amount of more than nine million pounds.

Author: Olga Dmitriyeva

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