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Are you making plans for your wife’s death?

Exactly 20 years ago, the British insurance company Albany Life released its advertisement for spouses’ life insurance with this heading. We must admit, nowadays the forthright British would be condemned for such a text according to several articles at once. However, despite the very special authors’ sense of humor, there is some truth in it.
Are you making plans for your wife’s death?

"We can bet, this idea did not even come to your mind. Throughout the previous time, you believed carelessly that you would be the first to go to the next world, and not you, but your wife would have to think about how to continue living. You believed that your life deserves to be insured, but not hers. It is so honest, we have nothing to say. But it is not sagacious. No one can guarantee that your wife will outlive you. According to statistics, the probability of such an outcome is just over 60%. So it is worth pondering about your life going on if it happens. And it is not about some distant future, it is just about tomorrow, June 24, 1983. Do you think you can cope with it? Let’s look at this from a purely practical standpoint.

Cooking and washing are hours of homework, and you will have to sacrifice them. And, of course, you need to take care of children. Are you sure you can give them as much time as they need? Read books before going to bed, help with their math homework, discover our huge world with the child again? Of course, you will need help. However, you will have to pay for the help, same as for everything in this world. According to recent studies, an ordinary mother of three children spends 80 hours a week for the homework. Just think about it, eighty hours a week! If we assume the hour cost of 2.5 pounds sterling (about 1,120 tenge according to the current RK NB rate), it is 10.4 thousand pounds (about 4.7 million tenge) per year! Well, where are you going to get this money from?

First of all, you may pay attention to the lower right corner of this page [the coupon form in the lower right corner]. Albany Life will provide insurance coverage of more than 50 thousand pounds sterling (24.4 million tenge) for just 15 pounds (6,720 tenge) per month. Also, we can issue a combined "Husband and Wife" policy for you including payments in the event of any spouse’s death. For more information, please contact us by sending the coupon by post. Perhaps, it is not very pleasant to plan your life for the case of own wife’s death, but this is a duty of any responsible father."

The Albany Life Company was founded in 1975; it was a British division of Metlife - an American international company for insurance and financial management.

As you see, the advertisement addresses the need to purchase a life insurance policy. Usually, insurers focus more on the family breadwinner - husband and father - when advertising the life insurance; and this is right, because the welfare of the family depends, first of all, on him. Nevertheless, one should not forget about the wives and mothers, because, despite the fact that their contribution is often unnoticed, it plays a significant role in the family’s life. The British advertisers wanted to illustrate this idea in such a peculiar way, and it’s worth thinking about.


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